The Truck Tie Down Straps

When it comes to tie down, you have to bear in your mind that there are totally different things, there are different kind of trucks, box truck, pickup truck, flatbeds, etc., they use similar or different tie downs, even for same kind of trucks, people probably will use totally different tie downs, say e track straps or plain ratchet straps for box trucks, so try to talk about generic tie downs is not a good idea, to make things simple, I’m sure you’ve already seen flatbed tie downs on the road, we will only talk about flat beds for the time being.

When the jobs come your way, odds are you won’t be able to decide what kind of stuff will be put on your truck, the only thing you can do is to prepare for all the possibilities , most of the time you don’t get to choose what you like or want to do. We are going to introduce truck tie down straps only, since the are popular tie down devices on flatbeds, and it should be the most popular tie downs on all trucks as well. .

For most flat bed trucks, truck winch and winch straps are what we usually use to tie down stuff, some trailers come with winches installed you only have to get winch strap. When you work with truck winches and winch straps, there is one thing you can’t live without: winch bars, these steel bars are essential for your job, so get one if you don’t already have one.

Usually most flatbeds will be sold with winches installed, there are still some of them come without winches though, in this case the drivers may use ratchet straps or binder chains as alternative. When the flat bed have the winches installed, we can use winch tie down straps to tie down articles on the trailer , usually we tie down steel coils, concrete pipes, skids, anything that not too heavy for the 5400lbs working load limit. Both flat hooks and wire hooks may be used on 2”, 3” and 4” winch straps, but flat hooks are more popular than wire hooks, you may see flat hooks on all size winch straps while wire hooks mostly on 2” straps. We can find 2” and 4” winches and 2” and 4” winch straps , depends on different applications , the length of strap can be 20′, 25′, 27′, 30′, 35′, 40′ or more than 50 feet.

OK, now let’s talk about ratchet strap which is the most popular tie down devices for all kinds of trucks or hauling  businesses. What we call ratchet straps are actually assemblies, the ratchet buckles with short straps, one foot or longer, and the long straps, 6 feet or longer.

The ratchet strap earned it’s popularity by being the most flexible, adaptable and capable tie down devices , from passenger cars to eighteen wheelers , you can see ratchet straps anywhere cargo needs to be secured. With flat hooks, wire hooks, cloth loops, chain anchors, even endless, ratchets just can’t have enough variety, how can we don’t love these ratchets? The smallest width for ratchets is 1”, 4” is the widest, while the length of ratchets may be anything from inches to more than 60 feet. On commercial trucks ratchet tie downs are the best tie down devices for shippers , those trailers without winches installed will figure that ratchet straps are pretty important.

Before you go out or go online to buy these tie down straps , you will have to know how to get most out of them with less spending , top priority is the quality of the straps, most likely you will know the quality of local store stuff, when talking about online stores you should evaluate them by reading other people’s the reviews, trucking blogs, such as trucker’s deal , online feed backs, or by some other venues to make sure if the products and service are good or not.

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