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Sybase iAnywhere Mobile Office Video


Mobile executives can rely on their mobile inbox for more than just email they can take action on time-sensitive business processes as easily as they reply to a message. By simply clicking on an item in their inboxes, traveling team members can complete business processes. This video demonstrates how to mobilize business processes.
Hello. My name is Bryan Whitmarsh, and I am a product manager for Sybase iAnywhere. Today, what I would like to demonstrate for you is how easy it is to keep your business processes flowing when workers are on the road or out in the field. This technology is brought to you by Sybases inbox of the future. Let me demonstrate.
Now, I’m in the field and I’ve been performing a routine service on an elevator and I’ve noticed that the motor actually needs to be rebuilt. Now I have all the equipment in my truck. I can simply go out, repair the motor on site right now, but I always have to get approval for the work and a bid from my manager. Typically, I have to go back, fill out some paperwork, manager has to come in, sign the bid and then I go back out to the customer. If they approve it, I can perform the work. But today, I’m going to create a work order bid on my mobile device and that will be sent directly to my manager for instant approval. Let’s do that. Alright. So, I simply go into my mobile inbox, going into the widgets, and I have a bid request. This is a form that I will fill out. I know the work I’m doing is on the motor. I am going to leave the bid date as today because I’m pretty sure I can achieve all that work today. And, a little description here, this is a rebuild, and I’m pretty sure I can achieve this work for around six hundred dollars for both labor and parts. I have done this a number of times before. Now, I send this bid request and it will deliver an e-mail directly to my managers device. He can then read that e-mail and be able to approve or modify the bid.
Well now, as the manager, I’m just getting ready to get on an airplane for a business trip and I notice that my device has vibrated. Let me check whats going on. Looks like I have a new e-mail in my inbox. Oh, its not just an e-mail. It’s actually a bid request for some work thats being done right now. Brian, my service technician out in the field, is actually working on an elevator and has noticed that there’s some additional work that needs to be done. He has now sent me a request to approve some additional fees for some additional service that wasn’t expected in the first place.
Now you see in my inbox that I have an e-mail at the top its a special e-mail with a special icon – that shows it came from our bid order approval system and it’s requesting for me to approve a bid by Bryan. Alright, so now I can see the details. This order came from our work order system and I received the e-mail so it looks like Bryan needs to perform some additional work out there. He needs to rebuild the elevator motor and his estimated cost is six hundred dollars on that. So, yeah, that all looks good. Looks like he is going to be able to get the work done today. So, Im going to click on approve and now that will go back to our work order system and another e-mail will be triggered back to Bryan to let him know that I did approve that and he can start on that work, as he is on site right now.
Well, that was quick. I just got a new e-mail in my inbox and, sure enough, it’s the approval for the work order that I asked my manager to approve. It’s been approved and now I can perform the work. So, let me go out to my truck, get my equipment and I can get the work done right now.
Let’s focus on the benefit here. There’s great value added, not only to the customer, but also to the service provider. The customer isn’t getting hit with an additional service charge because they can achieve additional work with one service call. While the in-service provider can get additional work done throughout the day because, instead of two calls, this has become one call. The benefits of this can be achieved by a wide variety of business processes in any industry.
In summary, you have seen great value added to both the customer and the service provider. All this is possible using iAnywhere Mobile Office and its revolutionary inbox of the future.
To learn more, visit us on the web at www.Sybase.com/mobileoffice.

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