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Manufactured Homes and Modular Homes Factory Built Tour

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Building manufactured homes and modular homes in a factory just makes sense. See how Palm Harbor does it at http://www.factorytour.palmharbor.com

Suppose you were asked to name something made in a factory. You might have thought of … let’s face it, just about everything is built in a factory. Is this the way your computer was built? A vehicle is probably one of your biggest investments. Suppose it was built this way. Not very likely scenarios, are they? But if I asked you what is the most expensive thing you might buy not built in a factory, you’d probably name … right, a home. Your home? Why on earth would you spend thousands of dollars on your biggest investment for something not built in a factory or building center? With traditional home building, all it takes is one good downpour during construction to quickly turn your dream home into a nightmare. Add in unreliable subcontractors, low-budget materials and before long, a little wasted time turns into a lot of wasted money.

Maybe you’ve never thought about homes that are built in a factory or building center. Please note, we’re not knocking all site builders. There are plenty of reputable builders, and most have a specific niche in today’s market. Besides, many folks like living in subdivisions and feel quite comfortable in high-density population areas. That’s where site builders do best. They can have many jobs going on at once. They can have their construction materials delivered, in bulk, to the same general area. And they can supervise their crews because they are working in the same area during different stages of construction. But allow me to introduce you to Palm Harbor’s exclusive SmartPlus system. In a nutshell, we can build the home of your dreams to any code required by your local governing jurisdiction. We build it smart, with all the ecological and environmental construction aspects you’d expect from a green builder. Plus, we build it faster, and at the same time your site work is being completed. This process puts you in your home faster than you thought possible. And, did I mention our homes are beautiful, hosting dozens of awards on design, construction and energy savings?

Factory built: It’s more than just a good idea. It’s a better way to build. Think about it: Every component in your home was produced in a factory, from doorknobs to roof trusses. Why do they do it? It’s more efficient. Materials are stored inside, located at the fingertips of the worker. Employees represent a stable workforce and show up to work each day Materials are ordered and delivered in quantities that are cost-effective. By maintaining control of its production, suppliers of components can achieve higher quality at lower cost and can be more competitive in the marketplace. Suppose you need a new kitchen faucet. Imagine a plumber showing up at your house with a bag of screws and washers, fittings and other hardware, a whole box of specialty tools and begins to assemble your faucet before installing it. How much do you think this faucet would cost you? Lower costs for components allow us to give you a better home at the price you can afford. You really do get more home for your money. I think you get the picture now. As I said earlier, it’s more than just a good idea. It’s the better way to build. Now, let’s get on with the Palm Harbor SmartPlus factory tour.


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Mobile Marketing Jobs | internet online marketing advertising business

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