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A Few Things About Tire and Snow Chains


You will be able to find numbers and characters on the side of the tires. Usually for the modern tires the size almost always  presented this way: P165/70R13, this one says that the tire is 165mm wide, the aspect ratio is 70% and the wheel diameter is 13 inches. All of these numbers are critical in helping you to find the traction products that will fit your tire.


Since the drive tires are the ones provide force, they are where the tire chains should be mounted. On vehicles with front-wheel drive this would be the two front tires, of course if you have rear wheel drive vehicle you only need to chain up two rear tires. If you don’t know what kind of drive you have, then check the vehicle owner’s manual. One more thing, if you have a four wheel drive vehicle, you are only going to have two tires chained up, which axle should be chained up should be determined by the owner’s manual of your vehicle. If you’re not feeling comfortable with chaining up only 2 tires on your AWD vehicle, get all tires chained up will be the choice.

Under normal driving conditions, all wheels of a vehicle will have about the same amount of traction, making you feel normal when asserting brake, acceleration and cornering. When driving under snow or ice conditions this balance will be distorted. If only front tires get chained up, you will find the rear tires will swing when braking and driving. If only the rear tires have the car snow chains on, the steering ability of the vehicle is limited. To balance the force, the vehicle should be completely equipped with snow chains. Remember that traction devices are sold in pairs, if you want to cover both axles on the vehicle, two pairs will be required. Remember there are truck tire chain and car tire chain , the car tire chains are smaller in size and cheaper on price than truck tire chains.

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