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Mobile Broadband

Mobile Websites | How to create a mobile website with Wix.com

Learn how to create your mobile website with Wix.com. Choose a template and create a site for your mobile in a few easy steps. Use the website builder to create mobile site, facebook fan pages and websites. Click below to start:


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Mobile Broadband

Why Mobile Website is Critical For Your Business – Benefits of Mobile Website.avi

http://www.digitalmarketingmomentum.com Why mobile website is critical for business and how your business can gain the competitive edge through the use of a mobile website. Haven’t got a mobile optimized website? Not to worry! You can contact us via:

Website: http://www.digitalmarketingmomentum.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/DigitalMarketingMomentum

Ride the wave and join us in the Mobile Movement!

See you on the inside,

Hung Le
Director, Digital Marketing Momentum


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Mobile Broadband

Understanding Mobile broadband

Mobile Broadband subscriptions are expected to reach 1 billion in 2011: so many of us are already users, but do we all know how it works?

Mobile broadband technology allows you to do everything you usually use your broadband connection for without needing a fixed-line telephone connection. This means you can access the internet while you’re on the move or away from home. Send email, visit websites — even watch streaming TV and download files — it’s all possible.

Mobile broadband works using either a small portable USB modem (often called a dongle, or broadband stick), a data-card or a built-in device (on some laptops and smartphones) to connect to the internet using the same signal mobile phones use. This means, wherever you are, as long as you can get a signal from your mobile broadband provider, you can connect to the web, unlike Wi-Fi internet access, which is limited to a few meters around the emitting router.

Most of us have used this technology on our mobile phones through 3G, short for third generation technology. This allows users to access the internet at high speeds through a 3G network. This is made possible by two complementary technologies, high speed download and upload packet access.

Find out more, or book a visit in our showcase in London or our mobile showcase that will be coming near you to see, through live demonstrations, how different applications used on mobile broadband can help you stay connected when on the move.


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Mobile Broadband

The Mobile Movement: Understanding Smartphone Consumers

This video presents key findings from “The Mobile Movement: Understanding Smartphone Consumers,” a study from Google and conducted by Ipsos OTX, an independent market research firm. The findings come from research conducted at the end of 2010 among 5,013 US adult smartphone Internet users. Google commissioned this research with the objectives to better understand how smartphones are used in consumers’ daily lives and how smartphones have influenced the ways consumers search, shop and respond to mobile advertising.

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Mobile Broadband

Bellevue: RCR Wireless Mobile Broadband Event

Highlights from RCR Wireless’ Mobile Broadband event in Bellevue, WA 2011.

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Mobile Broadband

New Mobile Website

My website has now gone mobile. On your iPhone, iPod Touch, or other smartphone you can now goto web.mac.com/curtisparadis/iphone and video my website in its mobile form.

On this website you will find links to all of my videos and links to other website which I am on. You can also find a calendar which will show all the upcoming events and live streams on my website.

This is the website you love, on the device you love.

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