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Best Mobile Websites | Mobile Website Development

Best Mobile Websites | Mobile Website Development
Get your copy of the FREE report “The 7 Myths About Mobile and The Truth That Can Jet-Fuel Your Business”

When you’ve got a mobile website it puts you streets ahead of your competition. If you don’t have a mobile website your competitors will leave you standing.

Mobiles are an integral part of our lives, so much so that many of us can’t remember a time without them.

Nowadays we’ve got them on us all the time… when we go out we take our wallet or purse, and our mobile. Generally we are NEVER separated from them!

We eat breath and yes even sleep with our mobile phones! 60% actually do take their mobiles to bed every night.

Without doubt the mobile phone has become the most private and personal accessory we own today.

Some of us may remember people carrying filofaxes and personal planners, however the mobile phone is what we carry now.


The new generation want the latest mobile, with all of the connectivity and features.

That is definitely true consumerism, you customers are demanding to get access to everything from their mobile devices…Fact 29% of user only access the internet via their mobiles. There are way more mobile internet devices that pc internet connection…. but if your customers can’t see your website properly on their mobile devices they will just click onto one of your customers site that’s optimised.

That all said, there is a massive lack of knowledge as to just how powerful a mobile can be. Mobiles privide a complimentary mass media platform.

Simply put, a mobile is completely interactive as a platform
It has unique features such as SMS and MMS. These two features alone differentiate it from any other media. The ability to contact and respond to people around the world


It’s little wonder that Mobile has been described as the 7th mass media. In the book “Mobile as 7th of the Mass Media”, Tomi Ahonen makes a compelling case why mobile will be the dominant media. While he rightly says it will not replace other media’s it domination is born from its disruptive nature and the fact is has so many unique abilities. For example a simple text message, is far more disruptive that say the internet was 10 years ago. This is largely because an SMS message enables an immediate response.

The mobile phone or cell phone is without doubt the most widely spread technology ever.

There are now 20 times more mobile devices than Playstations;
30 times more mobile devices than iPods.

Not only is it the only universal gadget the world has ever seen, but it has now become the newest media channel.

The very first media content that discovered mobiles was music ten years ago now. Today over 31% of all music sold worldwide is purchased through mobile devices.

The second category was videogames and over 20% of that market has now migrated to mobile devices.

Social networking, news updates, Television and even internet services are all now moving towards the mobile arena.

Mobile marketing is happening right now.

It is essential that you business at least understand what is happening in the market place and features a mobile website presence.

If you have a mobile website it puts you streets ahead of your competition. If you don’t have a mobile website your competitors will leave you standing.

There’s real first server advantage right now!

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Power Mobile Website Generator

With this mobile site generator you can create mobile web sites that look good on smartphones like the iPhone, Android, and more. Live mobile websites ready to go. Easy design customization.

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Power Mobile Website Generator don’t need any informatics and database knowledge, in few minutes your mobile website will work and you can update the contents of the entire site, edit sections, create sub-pages, etc.. everything through the admin panel.

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How to make a FREE mobile friendly websites for your mobile phone marketing campaign.


Here is your free marketing gift from Web Chemistry. Smart phones and mobile technology is literally exploding right now. According to Google 500,000 android phones are activated ever day! And this number is rapidly rising, current projections state there will be 24 billion mobile devices by 2020. Today we have a free web design mobile website and QR (quick response) code to help your marketing campaigns go viral! So your customers can easily give you a call.

Your QR code can be embedded in anything you print such as business cards, flyers and merchandise. And when scanned each piece of stationary will take your customers to your free personal mobile web page. Your webpage will have a video, a simple call to action and a big phone me now button.

Simply visit: http://www.webchemistryset.com/create-your-qr-mobile-phone-page-now/
Enter your details to the right of the page. And you will instantly receive your mobile websites and QR code completely free.

After entering your details, press the next step button to preview your page and get your QR code. A sample of the mobile page preview is given below. In addition to your Mobile web page and QR code. Give your mobile phone marketing a boost and create mobile website then download best mobile friendly websites.

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How to create web pages for mobile devices for FREE in under 3 minutes!


I am going to show you how to create your very own mobile websites or mobile video embed.

This website is completely free, you don’t have to pay for a domain name or hosting.

You can have a really nice looking YouTube mobile website in under 3 minutes.

And when your finished it gives you a Quick Response code which your customers can scan with there mobile phone taking them to your webpage.

You can print your qr website quick response code out and put it on business cards flyers or any of your merchantise or mobile web pages, wordpress mobile.

At the end of the video I will show you how your mobile website design looks on my mobile phone.This is the only free and quickest way to get a mobile phone website.

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How To View A Mobile Website On Your PC


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Mobile Website – Winning Mobile Website Developer

Mobile Website – Winning Mobile Website Developer. http://www.sosdevelopment.com.au – We are one of the FIRST & ONLY companies in Australia creating INTERACTIVE & INTUITIVE mobile websites. Be proactive – CALL US TODAY – 1 300 533 550.

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CellSite – Custom Mobile Website

Your customers are out there searching for information about your company on their mobile phones. What does your site look like?
At CellSite we will create you a custom mobile website, go to our website at MyCellSite.com to find out more.

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Mobile Web Sites- Mobile Advertising and Marketing

http://www.mobilewebsitedesign.me/ 69% of small business owner surveyed said that they wanted mobile version of their website, which means your competition is aiming to get a mobile version of their website for mobile.

If you have a mobile website, it leaves you street in front of your competitors. If you don’t have a mobile website, your competitors will leave to you standing.

If you’re still in doubt about mobile websites, let me inform you of the criticality of having a mobile optimized website and the number one myth you should dispel.

Truth is, there are seven myths and you can read them all in the free group http://www.MobileWebsiteDesign.me

Myth 1 – “There’s no need to stress about mobile internet yet”

You may be surprised to hear that out of the 3.9 billion phones used globally, only 505 million of those are Smartphones and iPhones, which is very much surprising considering its popularity. Meaning, Smartphones are just 13% of all phones in use worldwide.

95% of all phones in use worldwide today posseess its own mobile website browser and it would be a mistake to ignore this fact. Meaning they carry browser-based content and services provided to 3.4 billion phones. This statistic is nearly three times the total installed base of PCs in use.

In early 2010, Google’s director of emerging platforms, Google affirmed that a 500% increase in local mobile search was seen on 2008 – 2010. In the 2nd quarter of 2010 alone, they had experienced 67% growth in all mobile search. Affirming the fact that the method used now in accessing local information is via mobile browser.

Truth – Early adopters of websites that work on mobile phones have a huge advantage, especially those small, local businesses


The mobile phone is without doubt the most widespread technology in general.

Not only is it the only universal gadget world has ever seen, but it really has become the latest media channel.

For those with a mobile website you streets ahead of the competition. Whenever you have a mobile Web sites, your competitors shall leave to you standing.

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7th Mass Media Presented- Mobile Website Design

http://www.mobilewebsitedesign.me/ Discover… why a mobile website can make you extra finances in comparison with your opponents!

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Mobile Website.mov

http://www.BestMobileSites.net Ok, after you watch this Mobile Website video, I want to take you to 2011-2015 and what it will look like based on what the major billion dollar companies out there are reporting about wap websites and what platforms they are structuring their business models after.

Do you think that would be important to know?

Well, what if you knew how the economy would end up in 2010, but had a good idea of those conditions back in 2006? Would that have been valuable information to you and your business back in 2006?

Yea…, I thought so too. That’s why I started doing a ton of research which I’ll be happy to share w/you shortly.

But first, let’s recap just in case you got sidetracked yesterday.
Today you should have two things completed. You should have ordered your Mobile Website from BestMobileSites.net.

You should have also completed your business directory form from SuperMedia.com. Don’t forget to insert your cell phone websites when prompted. Good, I’m glad I got that out of the way.

And since I instructed you to wait 48 hours before taking the next step, today I’d like to help your mind leap-frog years ahead of your competition.

So today is a thinking day. One of which you should ponder what you are about to learn and give some serious thought to.

“But I need more leads and sales today… you might ask?”

Yes I understand, and we’re getting to that point. But, you will need to grasp where things are going so you can start to build your business model around one that is more of a “forward thinking” platform.

This way, you only have to make minor adjustments when change comes about (because you’re prepared) and won’t be stuck for the next 12-24 months playing catch-up. Worry about catching up, let me worry about creating websites that will suit your smartphone client’s needs.

Comp-rend-a’? Ok, let’s get started…

You may have heard of Google. By far the largest search engine in the world presently, w/not much competition as they dominate a reported 60-80% of the world’s internet “searches”.

Well, Google announced in February 2010 that they are restructuring ALL of their SEARCH BASE developmental platforms to conform to “Mobile” FIRST, and then will make necessary changes/modifications to apply to desktop/laptop development platforms.

Thus, if you think about it, phone websites will soon be the “norm” amongst independent contractors and small businesses like yourself.

That, if you think about it… is amazing!

Thus, today’s 1st assignment: click here to read:
Google’s New Rule: Mobile First by PCMagazine. (Go to http://www.BestMobileSites.net to obtain the correct links)

In addition, today’s second assignment: go read:
USA to Add 80 Million New Smartphone Users by 2011.

Print them both out and take home w/you to read again and again or until you understand what they are saying.

Better yet, just forward these two links to your closest competitor… I’m just kidding… (funny though, uh?)

Both of these articles will help shed some serious light when it comes to this “Mobile Revolution” that’s about to take place and the urgency for you to get your mobile website for your product or services up asap!

Stop worrying about web page design, as we’ve got you covered!

But Wow! What does all this mean you might ask?

It means things are going to change and change fast! But that’s ok, cause I’ll help guide you through this adjustment, so don’t lose sleep, just take action!

Don’t forget, read and ponder…that’s your assignments today.

If you fell behind in your assignments, order your mobile website and do what you can to get caught up asap as I’ve got more assignments for you.

See Ya On The Front Page,
Joe Mackey, President

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