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Mobile Chrome Office Hours: Tools for Mobile Web Development

Ask and vote for questions at: http://goo.gl/S7L52

Are you building for the mobile web? Are you looking for easier and better tools to help you create great experiences?

Join Boris Smus and Pete LePage as they show you some of the many tools available to mobile web developers. We’ll take a look Chrome’s remote debugging features, some of the emulation tools available to you within Chrome and take a deep dive into some of the advanced use cases of these tools to help you build for the mobile web.

Duration : 0:42:16

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WAP ~ Why Mobile Websites Will Dominate!

http://www.BestMobileSites.net WAP, or Wireless Application Protocal is your cell phone’s new browser, or “search” interface.

Which allows a smartphone user with internet access to download ringtones, complete mms message between friends and co-workers and search the mobile web.

WAP has allowed anyone to search for anything on the internet and obtain mobile content with or without a sim card. http://www.squidoo.com/wap-mobile-design-applications

The problem that now exist, is that most small businesses and independent contractors will need to use cell phone websites to better enable customers to connect to business owners and agents/brokers and professionals.

The reason being, is that desktop websites don’t look right and are hard to navigate on a mobile device. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xH9MzWQ_MnA

That’s why businesses that realize the benefits of WAP, should quickly obtain a mobile website or use cell phone websites to gain and communicate with their client base.

Smartphone users are now the fastest growing customer base all because of the WAP. http://www.BestMobileSites.net

Duration : 0:1:50

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App Creator for iPhone, Android, iPad, Mobile Web // Mobile Roadie

Our app creator builds apps in minutes on iPhone, Android, iPad, and mobile web. Mobile Roadie powers the mobile presence for over 3,000 businesses, large and small, with more than 20 million end users. Begin our free trial at www.mobileroadie.com/freetrial

Clients include Adele, the San Diego Zoo, Dallas Mavericks, Harvard University, Katy Perry, the World Economic Forum, Taylor Swift, Cristiano Ronaldo, Cirque du Soleil, Marvel Comics, Madonna, Staples Center, the Wynn Las Vegas, the Washington Redskins, and London’s Tech City. Mobile Roadie is headquartered in Los Angeles with offices in London.

Duration : 0:1:26

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How To Make A Free Mobile Website – by Mobile Web Experts

It does not matter if your business is local, or even you if you have never sold anything online. If you don’t understand how to take advantage of the new Mobile Web, then your prospects and customers will not know how to find you. They will not hear about you…and they cannot become loyal customers.

You cannot afford to ignore the Mobile Web any longer. Studies show that 97% of consumers now go online to research products and services before making a buying decision, and the Mobile Web is where the action is.

Is your company, product or service easy to find using mobile devices like mobile phones, smart phones, and the new wireless tablets? Is your business in the online places where your target customers are searching? In other words, can they connect with your business via a mobile website?

Mobile Marketing is no longer an option…it is a necessity. Your prospects and customers are searching on sites like Google, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube using mobile devices. And while you are taking care of your day-to-day business, your competition is taking advantage of the new Mobile Web and making connections.

The new Mobile Web is changing constantly and is a moving target for most businesses, but you have to take action now before you lose more ground to the competition.

What if there was a simple way to get your business on the Mobile Web right now? You will move ahead of the competition when you get mobilized. We have easy answers to getting your web presence mobile now.

Just enter your main email address, fill out the form, and click the button. You then can download our free report on how to easily build a mobile website using free online tools.

Mobile Web Experts
16 Rue de la République
74000 Annecy, France
Phone: +33 633764293

Duration : 0:2:50

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Mobile Web Performance

Google Tech Talk
November 10, 2011

Presented by Guy Podjarny


Mobile Web browsing is exploding and with it the importance of Mobile Web Performance. Studies show that Mobile users expect equal or better performance than desktop, where they demand 2s load times. This is a hard requirement to fulfill, give the limitations mobile imposes.

In this presentation, we’ll go over the different aspects of mobile: network, hardware & software. We’ll review the challenges each presents, understand how they affect web performance, and show ways to overcome those challenges. We’ll also show the impact of these optimizations on real world sites, gleaned from manipulating and measuring websites using Blaze technology. We’ll summarize with updates on the recent mobile OS releases, followed by Q&A.

Speaker Info:

Guy Podjarny (Guypo) is the CTO and co-founder of Blaze (www.blaze.io). Guy is the creator of Mobitest (http://blaze.io/mobile), a Mobile performance measurement tool, and a contributor to HTTP Archive Mobile and WebPageTest. Guy is also a researcher of mobile web performance optimizations, maintains the Blaze blog (blaze.io/blog), and a frequent presenter in security and performance events.

Duration : 0:57:54

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Inside the Mobile Web with Siteworx’ Tim McLaughlin-Session Two

Consumers use mobile devices differently from desktop computers. And that’s something that you must remember when developing features and functions for your mobile website. Consider these three factors representing the best and worst aspects of the mobile Web.

This is the second of three vodcasts that McLaughlin did with ClickZ.

Duration : 0:3:35

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Mobile Web Sites- Mobile Advertising and Marketing

http://www.mobilewebsitedesign.me/ 69% of small business owner surveyed said that they wanted mobile version of their website, which means your competition is aiming to get a mobile version of their website for mobile.

If you have a mobile website, it leaves you street in front of your competitors. If you don’t have a mobile website, your competitors will leave to you standing.

If you’re still in doubt about mobile websites, let me inform you of the criticality of having a mobile optimized website and the number one myth you should dispel.

Truth is, there are seven myths and you can read them all in the free group http://www.MobileWebsiteDesign.me

Myth 1 – “There’s no need to stress about mobile internet yet”

You may be surprised to hear that out of the 3.9 billion phones used globally, only 505 million of those are Smartphones and iPhones, which is very much surprising considering its popularity. Meaning, Smartphones are just 13% of all phones in use worldwide.

95% of all phones in use worldwide today posseess its own mobile website browser and it would be a mistake to ignore this fact. Meaning they carry browser-based content and services provided to 3.4 billion phones. This statistic is nearly three times the total installed base of PCs in use.

In early 2010, Google’s director of emerging platforms, Google affirmed that a 500% increase in local mobile search was seen on 2008 – 2010. In the 2nd quarter of 2010 alone, they had experienced 67% growth in all mobile search. Affirming the fact that the method used now in accessing local information is via mobile browser.

Truth – Early adopters of websites that work on mobile phones have a huge advantage, especially those small, local businesses


The mobile phone is without doubt the most widespread technology in general.

Not only is it the only universal gadget world has ever seen, but it really has become the latest media channel.

For those with a mobile website you streets ahead of the competition. Whenever you have a mobile Web sites, your competitors shall leave to you standing.

Duration : 0:6:28

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Advanced mobile website tutorials

http://businessmobilewebsite.com/tutorials/advanced-tutorials/ In this tutorial we will look at some of the more advanced techniques of how we build mobile websites.

Duration : 0:8:38

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Inside the Mobile Web with Siteworx’ Tim McLaughlin. Session One: Seizing the Mobile Opportunity

Where should a company begin its mobile marketing strategy? With a mobile website or a mobile app? And what approach should you take if you typically cater to first-time customers versus repeat customers. Consider the pros and cons to different strategies for marketing on the mobile Web.

This is the first of three vodcasts that McLaughlin did with ClickZ.

Duration : 0:4:29

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