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Mobile Business

The Reasons for Ruggedness: Why use enterprise-class hardware for mobile business operations?

We all love the look of consumer devices like iPads and Android smartphones. They’re great for Facebook and Angry Birds but are they the devices you want to give to your mobile workforce?

PTS hosted an educational web event sponsored by Motorola to address these questions. This video is a recording of this event. IN it we learn:

• The meaning of ruggedness.
• The manufacturers intended use of consumer level devices.
• Cost comparison- real vs. perceived costs.
• Real stories & experiences with non-rugged devices in the field.

Duration : 0:26:27

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Mobile Business

Talking Tablets: iPads, iPhones and emerging alternatives for the mobile business user

Business users are excited, but confused, by the range of mobile devices suddenly appearing in the market. Apple’s iPad alone has sold more than 7 million units since its release in 2010.

As tablets such as the iPad take hold, the original suite of iPhones and BlackBerrys continue to offer remarkable opportunities for businesses that can find the appropriate devices.

In this wide ranging webinar from Business Spectator we cover:

Tablets: What are the key developments in the business and banking markets for iPads and related devices?
Smart Phones: What are the best companies doing to exploit the new connected workforce?
Applications: Should your company be building them, and what are the apps that deliver the best staff productivity?
Finance Leads the Way: How the finance sector is experimenting with the latest mobile technologies.
Tyranny of Choice: How you can select the mobile devices for you and your organisation.

This webinar is hosted by Business Spectator Managing Editor James Kirby, and the guest experts will be Business Spectator’s Charis Palmer who is the editor of Online Banking Review, and freelance technology journalist and reviewer Neerav Bhatt.

Duration : 0:47:18

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Mobile Office

iAnywhere Mobile Office for iPhone – Sybase – Secure Enterprise Data

In this video, Bryan Whitmarsh, Senior Product Manager for Sybase, provides an overview of the latest features and benefits of the iAnywhere Mobile Office solution — especially the new functionality for the iPhone.Everything that you see in Brian’s demo is made possible by the iAnywhere Mobile Office Platform.

[Video Transcript]

Hello, my name is Bryan Whitmarsh and I am a Product Manager here at Sybase. Today what I am going to talk to you about is our exciting iAnywhere Mobile Office product. Now this product provides secure enterprise e-mail to mobile devices. These mobile devices can be the Apple iPhone; it can be the latest Nokia devices such as the Series 60 5th Edition devices as well as the popular Windows Mobile Platform. From a backend perspective, we support IBM Lotus Domino as well as Microsoft Exchange, and with our exciting 57 release we also provide the support for internet standard mail systems such as iMap and POP systems. Now what I want to do is talk to you a little more in detail about our unique iPhone approach. What we do with the iPhone is provide an enterprise sandbox. What does that mean? What that means is that we set aside a portion of the iPhone to synchronize the enterprise data to and that portion of the iPhone we will protect by encrypting the data. We will also provide password mechanisms to only allow access with password protection and also the ability to wipe data for example if a number of incorrect passwords have been entered and so on. So what it gives you is the ability to really control the enterprise data on the device, while not jeopardizing the usability of the iPhone. We all know how usable an iPhone is, how we like to use our iTunes and our other non-enterprise applications on the device. We dont want a policy set on our iPhone that affects our overall usability. When we get into our enterprise application we understand that it needs to be very secure and protected. I want to show you this. As you can see, I am starting off demoing our first new exciting feature. This is the ability to notify the device even when you are outside of our application of new items. So you see here that I have a New Items Have Arrived. Now, this alert has popped up and also down here, my banner, if you will notice on the icon is now a red 1, indicating new items available for my device. The device can also obviously tone or vibrate to alert users to new information. So this is very exciting and now made possible by the new 3.0 Apple SDK and Apples Push Notification Service. Here you see I have entered into my inbox and I can go ahead and open up my inbox to see what that new item was there for. I notice its from Katie and I notice it says please review and I remember another e-mail that came in and was asking me to review something. So, I am going to type in review and, if you spell it right you get successful, sure enough here is another e-mail of high importance that I was supposed to review as well. Now I have these two e-mails that I can look through and if I need to download the attachment, I simply click on the attachment to review. Going back to my inbox, you notice that this e-mail has a shopping cart icon next to it. What does that mean? Well this is another exciting feature that allows for workflow processes to be completed from within the inbox of the device. Looking here I know that this is not just a regular e-mail, its actually a purchase order request. Dennis has sent a purchase order request in our system for the approval for this SMO widget testing purchase order. I can see the details about it and then I can simply take action on it. So if I click on Action and I am going to go ahead and approve that purchase order and I can submit. I can also look at the approver list if I want to see who has already approved that. So I submit that and now that is instantly updating the back end system to see that that has been approved and you can also see next to the shopping cart there is a checkmark, which indicates that I have already processed that.

Duration : 0:6:44

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