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Exclusive Mobile Business Intelligence Webinar with Howard Dresner

View an exclusive live Webinar with Business Intelligence (BI) expert and founder of Dresner Advisory Services, Howard Dresner, and Yellowfin CEO, Glen Rabie.

The Webinar is based on Dresner’s 2011 Mobile Business Intelligence Market Study. Find out why Yellowfin was a top-scoring Mobile BI solution in Dresner’s study.

Webinar Structure

Howard Dresner presents for approx. 20 minutes. He:
– Discusses the results from the Mobile BI Market Study
– Analyzes how the Mobile BI market is changing
– Examines why Mobile BI is set to be the new platform for BI

Glen Rabie presents for approx. 20 minutes. He:
– Analyzes why Yellowfin was a top-scoring Mobile BI solution in the study
– Explains why Yellowfin sees Mobile BI as a critical component of its BI solution
– Outlines and explain the key features and functionality of Yellowfin’s Mobile BI applications

Duration : 0:30:1

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Mobile Business

PushBI – Microsoft Mobile Business Intelligence Introduction Video

Taking your business mobile is now easier with PushBI by Extended Results. It is a Mobile Business solution that is enterprise secure and can be found on all major mobile operating systems. http://www.pushbi.com

Duration : 0:1:56

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