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Mobile Home

Manufactured Home Rehabilitation Initiative

The Chenango County Mobile Home Replacement Program helps qualified Chenango County mobile homeowners repair or replace their outdated or dilapidated pre-and-post 1976 mobile homes.

According to the 2000 census, Chenango County has the highest percentage of mobile homes in New York State, at 22.5% of the county’s housing stock. Due to lack of income, disabilities, and disasters, many mobile home owners are unable to make needed repairs to their homes.

Out of 140 families in need of services, the Mobile Home Replacement Program has helped 11 families obtain safe, energy efficient housing.

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Mobile Home

Manufactured Home Park Residents Forced Out

Manufactured Home Owners are being forced out by profiteers, many are seniors and low-income families

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Mobile Home

Tom Raper Dutch Housing manufactured home nightmare

before you consider a manufactured home you should check out the many posts others have made to rip off sites

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