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Mobile Broadband

Unboxing Go Baby Mobile 3G mobile broadband dongle dock

If you already have a 3G, 3.5G or 4G broadband dongle the Go Baby Mobile Dongle Dock allows you to set up a password protected wifi hotspot just about anywhere and share your dongle internet connection with up to 50 users wirelessly. You can also use the dongle dock to link via an ethernet cable to your gaming devices like an XBox.

Just plug in ANY USB Modem (dongle) from ANY NETWORK into the Go Baby Mobile Dongle Dock to create a mobile access point with encrypted wireless connectivity. The Dongle Dock supports all UK dongles and over 300 models worldwide so you can use it when you’re away on business or holiday in the UK or abroad. You can even have a mobile wifi hotspot in your own car whilst on the move. As it says on the box, the Go Baby Mobile Dongle Dock give you in car broadband for the whole family with Any Dongle and Any Network. You can take it everywhere.

Video produced by http://www.toshlubekaudio.co.uk
Copyright 2011 by Tosh Lubek Audio & Video productions

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Mobile Broadband

How to use 3g mobile broadband on a ps3 or xbox360

using 3g mobile broadband on a ps3 without a 3g wireless router.. im using a three mobile huawei E169G 3g usb modem(dongle),
im pretty sure this will work with all 3g and adsl modems(if your sick of having to change the ethernet cable back and over on the adsl modem)!!

Works On windows 7 also!

sorry about the bad quility, here are the instructions if you cant see them —

Here I’m going to show you how to share your 3g internet connection with your ps3/xbox 360 without having to buy a 3g wireless Wire-less router (€300) with the use of your pc/laptop and an Ethernet cable! I’m going use ps3 as an example. Its very easy to do but a lot of people don’t have a clue and go ahead and pay for the router !!!
Ok first of all you need a Ethernet cable (supplied with the ps3 system) and connect it from your pc/laptop to your ps3, then you’ll need to connect to the internet. Now go to control panel and click ” view network status and tasks” then click “view status” and then “properties”…….

Now you need to click the “sharing tab in the top right hand corner.

Then tick the box that says “allow other network users to connect through this computers internet connection” if prompted for a password enter it or contact your computers administer. After putting in the password click “ok”

Note: if a text box appears telling you that you can only share the connection when “you” are logged in just click ok.

Now disconnect from the internet and reconnect, and you should be good to go this end!

Now head over to your ps3 and go to network settings and click internet connection settings, now choose the “easy” for the setting method and press right on the d-pad of your controller and wait a few seconds, when the next screen pops up choose “automatic” so it will find your IP address by itself, and click right again! Now you can choose the next settings yourself or you can just keep clicking right until you come to the last screen and press x, now test the connection and you should be good to go, just sign in to PSN and your online !!

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