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Tie Downs

E Track and Logistic Straps: Semi Trailer Tie Downs

The popular tie down system on semi trailers are E track tie down system, which consists of E Tracks and e track tie downs, E tracks come in with a few different length, such as 2′, 5′ and 10′, and there are two different variations , horizontal and vertical. The E Track tie downs have quite a few varieties, such as rope tie off, D ring with E fitting, cam buckle straps with E Fitting, ratchet strap with E Fitting, wood beam socket, wheel chocks which usually seen with E Tracks installed on the truck floor for bike or vehicle tie down and  there e track cargo bars with e fittings at both ends. But any E Track tie downs need E Track to be installed to work, so the most important thing is to install the E Track properly.

Here we will discuss E Track setup and safety tips .

When you mount the E Track you will have to look for the wall studs on the trailer, we will focus on doing it on the wall but the same principle applies to the floor as well. The wall stud is basically a big channel with a couple of flat spots on top to attach the plywood to, we just have to do the same to the E Track and bridge two of them somehow, when you figure that out you can use screws to hold the E Track up, you will need deep threaded wood screws or tec screws to get the job done. Basically this is all about installing E Tracks on the wall, and you will have to make sure the E Track sit as flat as possible on the wood. The key to safety is to use screws with deep threads, and put a screw into every hole if it is possible, and run the E track as far as possible (length wise), this helps to spread the load out as far and even as possible. But keep in mind that the outside wall is 2 inches away, make sure the screws won’t go too far!

When finish installing E Tracks, you will need to put it to test , just insert an rope tie off into the E Track, drag it all you want, see if there are any weak spots, loose ends or whatever feels not well secured, if there are any problems you will have to fix them before you put the system into real use.

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