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Mobile Broadband

Understanding Mobile broadband

Mobile Broadband subscriptions are expected to reach 1 billion in 2011: so many of us are already users, but do we all know how it works?

Mobile broadband technology allows you to do everything you usually use your broadband connection for without needing a fixed-line telephone connection. This means you can access the internet while you’re on the move or away from home. Send email, visit websites — even watch streaming TV and download files — it’s all possible.

Mobile broadband works using either a small portable USB modem (often called a dongle, or broadband stick), a data-card or a built-in device (on some laptops and smartphones) to connect to the internet using the same signal mobile phones use. This means, wherever you are, as long as you can get a signal from your mobile broadband provider, you can connect to the web, unlike Wi-Fi internet access, which is limited to a few meters around the emitting router.

Most of us have used this technology on our mobile phones through 3G, short for third generation technology. This allows users to access the internet at high speeds through a 3G network. This is made possible by two complementary technologies, high speed download and upload packet access.

Find out more, or book a visit in our showcase in London or our mobile showcase that will be coming near you to see, through live demonstrations, how different applications used on mobile broadband can help you stay connected when on the move.


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Mobile Office

GENBAND Mobile Office – A2 Applications Server

Mobility is revolutionizing the way we live, work and play and continues to surpass our wildest imaginations as to what’s NEXT — Having the ability to access the same personalized services ANY time, ANY place on ANY device. Today being “in the office” doesn’t have to mean what it did in the past. More and more, employees use their company-provided mobile phone as a primary device for communications and with this mobility they can turn their car, coffee house or mobile hotspot into their virtual office for the day. The GENBAND Mobile Office application allows end-users to use their mobile handset as if it were wired directly to their business office — with the same features, dial plan, calling line ID and long distance plan as their main office phone.

GENBAND continues to be on the forefront of innovation ensuring our operators and service providers worldwide can take advantage of these applications and services powered by the A2 Converged Application Server to their customers.
Mobile PBX
Mobile Web Portal
Mobile Extension Dialing
Mobile Handset Clients
Network-based Address Book
Instant Messaging/SMS Federation
Mobile Call Handoff
Integrated Voice Call Continuity

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Mobile Business

Talking Tablets: iPads, iPhones and emerging alternatives for the mobile business user

Business users are excited, but confused, by the range of mobile devices suddenly appearing in the market. Apple’s iPad alone has sold more than 7 million units since its release in 2010.

As tablets such as the iPad take hold, the original suite of iPhones and BlackBerrys continue to offer remarkable opportunities for businesses that can find the appropriate devices.

In this wide ranging webinar from Business Spectator we cover:

Tablets: What are the key developments in the business and banking markets for iPads and related devices?
Smart Phones: What are the best companies doing to exploit the new connected workforce?
Applications: Should your company be building them, and what are the apps that deliver the best staff productivity?
Finance Leads the Way: How the finance sector is experimenting with the latest mobile technologies.
Tyranny of Choice: How you can select the mobile devices for you and your organisation.

This webinar is hosted by Business Spectator Managing Editor James Kirby, and the guest experts will be Business Spectator’s Charis Palmer who is the editor of Online Banking Review, and freelance technology journalist and reviewer Neerav Bhatt.

Duration : 0:47:18

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