Ideas for Using Webkinz Pets for Learning in School

You’ve contemplated how excited children are about these Webkinz pets. You’ve pondered how that could impact your classroom. Yet, you still aren’t sure how to go about using this toy in school.

In the following paragraphs I am going to give you specific ideas for using this toy for learning purposes.

First, the world of Webkinz has an extensive economy based on Kinzcash. You must earn cash to support your pets. So, just maintaining a log of Kinzcash earned and spent is a learning tool for children. Earning Kinzcash happens by engaging in the games and visiting the employment office.

There are two main types of games in the arcade section. One type is just arcade type games, and the others have educational value. Some with educational value include “Quizzy’s Word Challenge,” “Booger Gets an A” (addition math facts), “Home Before Dark” (visual geometry skills), “Get Eleven Solitaire” and many more. With recording sheets students could keep track of their progress.

Food is an important aspect of caring for your pets. Within the land of Webkinz you can even grow your own food in your garden. You must tend your plants, water them, weed them, and then harvest. If you don’t take good care of them you’ll have to dig up the garden and start again. Monitoring plants is another way that the world of Webkinz is educational.

Needs and wants are inevitable in caring for your pets. There are so many neat items that you can purchase for your pets but you will have to determine the need and if you can afford the item. By setting goals and saving, you can earn enough Kinzcash to purchase the special items. Children can practice this with their Webkinz pet, and then hopefully apply this to their own lives.

Another educational tie for using Webkinz pets in the classroom revolves around the study of animals. There are all types of animal pets now, including herbivores, omnivores, and carnivores. What a fun way to sort and study animals!

If we look for a moment beyond the virtual world of Webkinz we can tie these pets into writing instruction with activities such as “Make me Love Your Pet…write a descriptive paragraph about your favorite webkinz pet” or “Webkinz Theater…write and perform a play with your pets” or nonfiction animal reports.

Many of these activities are perfect during Literacy Work Station time when students are engaged in an array of various activities. I would encourage you to have each student keep a folder just for Webkinz activities.

Most children have their own Webkinz pets and would be able to participate in these activities on their own logins and accounts. For those children that don’t, a class pet or two would allow all students to participate and enjoy the experience.

Whereas most people would think that the Webkinz pets and activities are geared for younger children, that isn’t the case. Due to the large number of adults who are addicted to playing Webkinz, I believe that there are activities that people of all ages can benefit and learn from inside the land of Webkinz!

Kathy Cothran


  • åиdi.
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    Help with my little sister's birthday present?
    My little sister is 9, turning 10 on May 23rd. Her name is Carlyn and she is my only sibling, so I wanted to do something special for her for her birthday. What I was thinking was that I could start saving funds right now and have enough money to completely redo her bedroom.

    Some of her interests include fake food, Littlest Pet Shops, hanging out with friends, scrapbooking, Webkinz, Build-A-Bears, and watching Disney Channel. She is always creating fake businesses (right now there is a cupcake bakery, an ice cream parlor, a boutique she calls Cute As A Button and a school set up in her bedroom) and she loves to play house, so I can understand that she wants her room to seem more like a home for when she does role-playing with her friends. She also likes Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez, so I was thinking of incorporating some of their bedroom ideas and tastes into hers.

    Here is a picture of what her room looks like currently: (excuse the messiness)

    All of her walls except for one accent wall are painted honeydew green with the exception of the furthermost wall painted deep purple. In her room for furniture, she has a twin bed, a small bookcase, a small dresser and a small desk, all of which are white except for the bed, which is finished in wood.

    Her favorite colors are no longer purple and green, but yellow and, how she phrases it, "misty blue."

    What I would do is:
    -Paint the walls
    -Deep clean the entire room
    -Organize under her bed and in her closet
    -Clean the carpeting
    -Buy new furnishings
    -Personalize (maybe a C on the door or the wall?)

    I created a short survey for her to fill out yesterday regarding her bedroom. The information is below:

    1. Do you like your bedroom? Why or why not? -No. Completely unorganized.
    2. What would you rate your bedroom on a scale from 1-10? -2
    3. If you could change one thing about your bedroom, what would it be? -Everything.
    4. Do you like the colors of your bedroom? Would you change them if you could, and what would they be? -No, and yellow and misty blue.
    5. What is your favorite part of your bedroom? -My bed!
    6. What is your least favorite part of your bedroom? -Everything else. But I have to choose, THE WALLS!

    Then I handed her a pen and a PB Teen catalog, asking her to flip through it and mark off the things she liked or wanted. I learned she loves polka dots while looking at all the things she starred in the catalog. I wrote down everything she wanted on a piece of paper and checked the prices. The grand total came to $1,066.00. In the things she wanted were a blanket, new bedding, a bedside lamp, a polka dot rug, a floor lamp, a peace sign wall light, a polka dotted pillow, a doughnut phone personalized with her name on it, a lounge seat that flips four different ways, a laundry bin and a chandelier. This excludes shipping.

    The price is very high already, but I would still need the find the cost of paint, tax…you get the point, it’s a lot. What I need your help with is figuring out if this is a good idea, getting assistance on how to carry out the whole procedure, other cute ideas for what I can put in her room, or any cheaper but still cute furniture companies or websites that I could use as substitutions for PB Teen as to lower the cost of the grand total.

    Thank you very much for reading.
    I hope you will comment and help in some way or another.


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    Give her a week of maid service to clean up that mess
    References :

  • ~loveskitties~
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    Hey Kenzi!
    I think that might be a bit to much money, and that might be a bit spoiling. SO why dont you get her a polka dot rug, a polka dot pillow, and bedding set, then buy paint and paint it your self, put the C on her door or just her whole name, and before you paint the walls, put the bedding and stuff one, clean her room. How to get her out of the house, have her spend like a week at her friends house, where she can go to that school with her friend and other stuff, so she dosnt know. then clean her room, paint the walls, let it dry, put the bedding on, the rug down, the polka dot pillow on bed, and your done! that should take a week, or less. So you would buy the stuff FIRST, so it dosnt take forever, then clean, then paiont, then put on, and ta da! I mean even if someone just CLEANED my room for my birthdya i would die of happiness. But that, what i suggested iss like for the presidents daughter! And the things she wanted! omg, so i would go a little cheaper and just do that, then go to some Thrift Stores and look for a wall lamp, i mean never in my life will i get that treatment, but i mean at 9! wow. i would love you as a sister. 🙂 good luck
    try and have fun!!

    Have a great day!
    References :
    Im 16 and all my birthdays put together is not even what i suggested good! 🙂

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