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Everywhere I go; peoples are talking about mobile phones. Mobile, mobile, and mobile. Whether student or professional, housewife or sportsman, businessmen or politician, everyone is talking about the mobile phones and their usages.

For many, a mobile phone is required equipment these days when you walk outside your office to do business. But how much mobile phone power do you really need when you’re away from your desk? Emerging of internet technology in handheld devices, and development of mobile phone applications makes mobile phone a personal digital companion. You can do more with your mobile by installing right applications. Mobile phone applications pack a diverse range of features and functionalities into the handset that makes them a mobile information center and entertainment device for the user. Mobile phone applications, in short, are small software’s. There are different kinds of applications are available for all domains; Education, Arts and Science, Business activities outside the office, games, music/video contents, Visual Communication, Merchandise purchase and settlement, Daily Life, Nursing and Health Care, Emergency Medical Treatment, Disaster Management and many many more.

Mobile phone applications will going to have greater impact on our lives, leading to changes in lifestyles and transforming our living environments, way of business and the social system. In short, mobile phone applications will enable people to study literally, play, work, and shop anywhere they want.

Like it or not, we must follow this trend. Everyone needs to follow the latest trend of technology. If not, your life will be “doomed”. Mobile phones today can provide much of the power of your desktop computer and keep you plenty productive—even when you are far from your desk.



  • Goodguy 4
    February 28, 2011 - 1:00 pm | Permalink

    Where can I get free software, applications for Samsung STAR 3G mobile phone?
    Can anyone post link to websites where I can get Samsung Star #G mobile applications and software completely free. Please post the links which have a wide collection and are genuinely free .

  • tufan
    February 28, 2011 - 6:02 pm | Permalink

    i mean – samsung s5230 star 3G software

    log in ; –

    n dwnld all software,games etc
    References :

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