Nokia E65: Manage your Mobile Workstation

Mobile phones with rich functionality – new age mobile phones fulfil everything. With more camera and music phones, its now time for business phones. Business phones offer many things that are at par with PCs and laptops, so why carry a computer instead of a business phone that carries more to suit consumers mobile lifestyle.

Nokia has once again come forward with some smart phones in its E series portfolio. With the introduction of 3G technology – the mobile world has reached a new height and more and more features are being added in the mini device. Consumers are now experiencing the true potential of 3G and that’s the reason why these phones are getting huge popularity in the mobile market.

In the 3G category, Nokia has launched the Nokia E65 – a business phone that comes equipped with futuristic design and high-end functionality. Being a 3G phone, users can experience broadband speed mobile internet as well as impeccable data connectivity in no time. And with more business features, users can manage both their personal as well as professional life with equal enthusiasm.

The Nokia E65 phone design and applications have been kept simple and any new mobile user would feel comfortable in browsing menus and applications. The ergonomically designed phone with touch keys on the outer cover is used to access mobile applications with ease. In addition, touch keys are used for making conference calls, other tools and lots more. And with My Own key – its easy to access all mobile applications at your fingertips.

Built on Symbian Operating System, its now possible to download other software applications in the phone. Moreover, the Nokia E65 is loaded with multitude of business and entertainment features such as a 2.0 mega-pixel camera, video recorder, Advanced messaging, music and lots more. What’s more, enjoy making video calls on the move.

Get more organized with the Nokia E65.

Nokia E65

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