Mobile Friendly Marketing | Optimizing Your Webiste For Mobile Web Users

Mobile is an extremely HOT topic
these days and for good reason.

In fact by the year 2014 mobile web users will
actually overtake desktop web users

As a result of my own frustration at the lack of good
information out there I ended up making my own
video training where I share the results of hours of
testing and research

It will show you…

1. The five main areas that you need to focus on no matter what type business you are in.

2. Tools you can use to build a mobile friendly site or optimize your existing one.

3. The best way to prepare your digital media for mobile consumption.
You can download a pdf of the presentation here


Mobile Preview Desktop App

Mobile Device Detection

Mobile Website Builders

Best WordPress Mobile Plugins

Mobile Text & Voice Services

QR Code Generator

Duration : 0:18:34

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