Live Tv On Mobile – Do You Want To Watch Live News And Sports On Mobile?

Live TV on mobile – Do you want to watch Live News and Sports on mobile?

I have a pda phone that can do everything emails, web browsing, mp3 even mp4 but the thing that was missing was that I could not watch live TV through it. All the sites that I visited and used with my computer to watch live TV would not work on my mobile phone. All I wanted to do was watch live news and Sports.

It was mainly for the sports so I could watch my footy team while I was out of the house. The screen is big enough to make out the picture so it would be ideal. The speed of the mobile broadband these days means it is set up for live TV. All I needed was a provider to give me the channels.

I eventually found a provider on the internet that would give me over 200 channels with both news and sports and it would be directly on my mobile. The only thing that was needed was a mobile with internet access which I had.

I decided to get the software. I got the software 50% off as they had an offer open to the next 100 customers, at the time of writing this article this offer was open to another 80 customers, The software cost me $50 instead of $100.

I downloaded the software installed it on my phone and now I can watch local news and sport on my mobile phone. There are also a number of other channels like entertainment, kid’s channels but as I said I mainly got it for news and sports.

The other good thing is that I can watch live sporting events with no further fees or subscriptions.

In summary if you want to watch live TV on mobile then this software will do it for you.

Elizabeth Hind


  • Cedwick C
    May 28, 2011 - 4:52 pm | Permalink

    Mobile tv?
    Does anyone have mobile tv on their handset? Is it any good? Is it prerecorded? Could you watch live sports games and live news? I am getting an Iphone but since it does not have mobile tv, if it is any good, I want to get a second phone with this feature? Is it worth it and does anyone have it? If so, could you tell me if it is faster for certain phones, like how do the lgs and samsungs and other phones compare to eachother and do I need the most expensive Vision phone for it, or is like a samsung a736, a737 sufficient? Does the Iphone at least have video calling?

  • Limelight
    May 28, 2011 - 9:54 pm | Permalink

    iphone sucks, get the LG Dare. Verizon has awesome mobileTV. Its very good, its clear, its fast, its not like a youtube video that can stall. If you get coverage and will use it. I highly suggest you get it. Take a look at the dare, its much better and 50 bucks cheaper. iphone is all hype. I can’t wait until everyone finds out it really sucks and can’t even send pictures or record video…
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  • firefox9294
    May 28, 2011 - 9:56 pm | Permalink

    There are some phones with tv, but there is a limited choices of channels, and I’m pretty sure that the Iphone doesn’t have video calling.

    Here are some phones with mobile tv [DVB-H (Digital Video Broadcasting for Handsets)]

    * Garmin – nuvi 900T (Italy only)
    * Gigabyte – GSmart t600, GSmart q60 (all with DVB-T, DVB-H, T-DMB and DAB)
    * LG – U900, KU950, U960
    * Motorola – A680i
    * Nokia – 7710 (experimental DVB-H version), N92, N77, N96 [14]
    * Samsung – SGH-P910, SGH-P920, SGH-P930, SGH-P940, SGH-P960, SGH-F510
    * Philips – HotMAN2
    * Sagem – My Mobile TV
    * ZTE – N7100

    I don’t know about which phones are better because I’ve never tried any of them.
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