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Today we see that mobile phones have become an indispensable item. The strategy lately practiced in all over the world which has been manufacturing cheap mobile phones that are pretty affordable for common masses. We see that the price rate of mobile phones is falling day by day. Due to this everyone has one – from the kids in the playground to your Garn and Granddad. Contracts expire and the handset models move out of fashion, superseded by the next on almost a monthly basis

But as the price falls and we become more informed about the market of cheap mobile phones and in what constitutes a good deal that we come to know about the latest technologies of mobile phones.

Today we have lots of choice in mobile phones. In the recent times like Motorola V Nokia, and Sony Ericsson is gaining popularity as low cost phones in the mobile market. Before hooking on to any of these, users have to carefully study user reviews and technical reviews provided by mobile manufacturers and network carriers.

Studying the present mobile usage scenario, the telecom market aims at a target where a high ratio of users joins the mobile troop. Selling mobile phones with good features demanded by consumers would surely shoot the sales up and bring targets closer and also make consumers believe in technology.

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So if you want to buy a stylish phone with latest technologies at lowest price. Dodo provides you a wide range of plans which will help you to find the best deal for you and your family. Whether you want to download a lot or a little, you’ll find a winning deal with Dodo.

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Cheap Mobile Telephone and Mobile Phone Plans Services



  • Recycle Your Furniture
    April 26, 2011 - 6:28 am | Permalink

    CAN ANYONE HELP ME LEAVE 3 MOBILE 12 MONTH CONTRACT, PLEASE… This company annoying me no end…?
    I have 2 mobile contracts both 12 months LONG…. Started 7th Sept 08 (5 mth ago). Is there anyway i can end them?, I have just had a problem that i have been using my partners phone that is in my name to call them while they where away on business to a landline they answered in Poland.. but i forgot to use the prefix of 388 infront of it… this has created a £53 bill in 5 days on top of my already £25 for basic contract and £15 add on for international saver of which hardly anything is used… 3 mobile telephone customer services centre obviously show NO remorse, NO help, and to be honest can barely speak english.. this isnt the first problem ive had, when they started charging for bill statements and extra £1 that was two 3 hour phone calls to sort out.. I was still charged for one month of this… when i changed my direct debit dates to the begining of the month this took 3 months to sort out.. and they then started charging me for cancelling a direct debit even though they had instructed me to do so in the first place this ended up with another three 2 hour phone calls to them to try and sort out.

    Im just geting to the point where im giving in to them….. as they are wearing me out arguing with someone in another country who doesnt show any care for my case. 9 times out of 10 they sound like they are reading from a screen have no knowledge of the service. I regularly attempt to speak to a manger who is always never available (probably dealing with another poor persons complaint) They dont ever seem to ring you back if you e-mail them. WHY WHEN YOU BUY THE PHONE IN A SHOP MOST OF THE STAFF ARE ENGLISH??, BUT THEN WHEN YOU HAVE A PROBLEM AND TRY TO CALL THEM THERE ISNT AN ENGLISH VOICE TO BE HEARD ANYWHERE…..


    I actually really DISPISE this company, 6 years ago i had a 3 phone that didnt work on the middle of London Bridge or in Covent Garden.. After some research i thought they would have improved service reception and customer service but its got worse!!!, the phone i had 6 years ago i just stopped paying and it wreked my credit ratings… this is all now sorted so.. all i want is a legal way to get out of my contract with a company that doesnt seem to care.They are very fast at taking my money but very slow at sorting problems out.

    My phone regularly cuts out half way through phone calls, regularly i cant get reception, its a Nokia 6500 phone so once you drop it it a couple of times it starts reseting itself out of the blue.. so i wouldnt mind changin that aswell (atleast i can live with the phone) I just want out of this contract, I cant drop my tariff plan supposedly as it is a £25 a month plan meaning for the next 7 months i will have to pay approximatly £400 (£200 per phone) + £53 International call charges (as i didnt use the prefix of 388 just to get out of my contracts…

    Can anyone please advise me of a cheaper way to do this???. any advice would be great.. i even feel better just writing that down here..
    :-), maybe you will listen to me as 3 mobile dont listen it seems.

    Oh and i also have a 3 dongle!!!!… that is another story…. HANDY hint to anyone.. if you use all of your data allowance for the month on your dongle and you try to get an ADD ON, 3 mobile WONT let you, they will charge you pay 10p per MB i.e. 1GB = £120. Answer to this problem is:- if you have a "3 mobile" contract get a 1 month broadband ADD ON costing £10 for 1GB and use that card in your dongle… ALL very long winded i know!!!.. this only took me 6 hours to sort out, funnily enough i had to work this out myself as nobody in 3 seemed to offer this suggestion.. (meaning i would have been without internet for 2 weeks) 3 broadband call centre & 3 mobile call centre (two totally different places infact)… Similar breed..

    HOPE SOMEONE CAN HELP Thanks in advance

  • julie n
    April 26, 2011 - 11:30 am | Permalink

    been there done that write a letter stating you are ending your contract due to you being very unsatisfied with the service provided keep a copy and send to 3 recorded delivery.It worked for me and my partner they a pain in the bum hope this helps
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  • S2!
    April 26, 2011 - 11:32 am | Permalink

    read the terms and conditions of your contract maybe there is something in there that you can use against them to allow them to release you from your contract. however i very much doubt it.the only way would be to buy out the remainder of your contracts,you have a 2 week cooling off period at the start of the contract which allows you to cancel besides that things are pretty much in their favour..sorry
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  • rennickelizabe
    April 26, 2011 - 11:34 am | Permalink

    go and see either the cab or trading standards
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