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Wow Hunter Pets

Hunters are my favorite class to play in WoW, mainly because of the Hunter pets. Nothing is greater than having a permanent party member to play the game with. Playing the game with a pet makes a world of difference. You have someone to pull for you…your own tank. You have someone to guard you while you mine for ore or pick an herb. WoW Hunter pets are great for the game and in my opinion make the Hunter class the best class to play.

There are many different pets to choose from, they each have their own abilities and purposes. My favorite pet is currently a gorilla. I like the gorilla’s AOE lighting effect because if I’m being attacked by multiple mobs the attack will focus all aggro on my pet. This can be a lifesaver when I’m questing alone. This is probably the first pet I’ve tamed solely because of their skills. Normally I go after pets with unique looks. I remember when I first started playing the game, I didn’t know the zones very well and I spent like 2 hours searching for the infamous Ghostsaber.

If you haven’t seen the Ghostsaber I suggest you go see one in game because pictures online do not do this pet justice. Also with the release of patch 3.0 Hunters can now tame exotic pets. This was very awesome for me, because I always wanted a Chimera. The downside to this is that we have to be spec’d for full BM. I didn’t like this because I had to mess up my raiding build, but oh well the pets are very nice…especially the Core Hounds. Once I get my gorilla caught up to the level of my Hunter I’ll probably get a Core Hound just for looks.

Something that I’ve always wanted to tame but never did was a bear, I heard that bears make great tanks and when you are soloing a tank pet would be great. For leveling I have always used a cat, I leveled from like 20-70 with a cat as a pet. It wasn’t the Ghostsaber though; just some random barrens cat if I remember. I eventually caught a Ravager in Outlands that I used for PVP, Ravagers have a nice attack were they run towards their enemy and knock them down. This is awesome for PVP and great for PVE as well. I really wish that Blizzard would make the Hunter pets work like the mounts or companion pets so we could have as many as we wanted. It would great to have more of the exotic pets and be able to stop finding a stable master every time we needed to get a different pet. Hunters we need to suggest this to Blizzard!

So there you have my take on WoW Hunter pets. If you are unsure of which pet is best for you check out Petopias Pet Database.

If you are new to the Hunter class and would like some leveling tips check out Joana’s Leveling Guide for a guide built around leveling a Hunter fast.

Jimmy Mullins


Ideas for Using Webkinz Pets for Learning in School

You’ve contemplated how excited children are about these Webkinz pets. You’ve pondered how that could impact your classroom. Yet, you still aren’t sure how to go about using this toy in school.

In the following paragraphs I am going to give you specific ideas for using this toy for learning purposes.

First, the world of Webkinz has an extensive economy based on Kinzcash. You must earn cash to support your pets. So, just maintaining a log of Kinzcash earned and spent is a learning tool for children. Earning Kinzcash happens by engaging in the games and visiting the employment office.

There are two main types of games in the arcade section. One type is just arcade type games, and the others have educational value. Some with educational value include “Quizzy’s Word Challenge,” “Booger Gets an A” (addition math facts), “Home Before Dark” (visual geometry skills), “Get Eleven Solitaire” and many more. With recording sheets students could keep track of their progress.

Food is an important aspect of caring for your pets. Within the land of Webkinz you can even grow your own food in your garden. You must tend your plants, water them, weed them, and then harvest. If you don’t take good care of them you’ll have to dig up the garden and start again. Monitoring plants is another way that the world of Webkinz is educational.

Needs and wants are inevitable in caring for your pets. There are so many neat items that you can purchase for your pets but you will have to determine the need and if you can afford the item. By setting goals and saving, you can earn enough Kinzcash to purchase the special items. Children can practice this with their Webkinz pet, and then hopefully apply this to their own lives.

Another educational tie for using Webkinz pets in the classroom revolves around the study of animals. There are all types of animal pets now, including herbivores, omnivores, and carnivores. What a fun way to sort and study animals!

If we look for a moment beyond the virtual world of Webkinz we can tie these pets into writing instruction with activities such as “Make me Love Your Pet…write a descriptive paragraph about your favorite webkinz pet” or “Webkinz Theater…write and perform a play with your pets” or nonfiction animal reports.

Many of these activities are perfect during Literacy Work Station time when students are engaged in an array of various activities. I would encourage you to have each student keep a folder just for Webkinz activities.

Most children have their own Webkinz pets and would be able to participate in these activities on their own logins and accounts. For those children that don’t, a class pet or two would allow all students to participate and enjoy the experience.

Whereas most people would think that the Webkinz pets and activities are geared for younger children, that isn’t the case. Due to the large number of adults who are addicted to playing Webkinz, I believe that there are activities that people of all ages can benefit and learn from inside the land of Webkinz!

Kathy Cothran

Pets Shopping

Affordable Yet High Quality Leashes and Collars for Your Dog

Make no mistake, I will never buy those low price low quality stuff for my dog, which is my family member. Cheap price doesn’t equal to bad product , if you spend money, even a little , on shady products you’re just wasting your hard earned cash . What the affordable says here is that you don’t have to spend an arm and leg to get the high quality leashes and collars, better yet, you probably can pay much less get much more, let’s look at this 5/8”x60” nylon reflective dog leash, which is sturdy and designed to take on medium to big dogs,a set of 6 with different colors only sells for $9.99, you get black, blue, orange, pink and blue, with less than $1.50 a piece I would say it’s well worth the money and you get much more with a few dollars!

Here is another example of nice product, it’s a 1”x60” reflective dog leash, which has a nice handle with trash bag and travel bowl stored in it, the color is red, blue, black,dark green and orange, with features like big handle, trash bag and travel bowl storage and reflective leash, you only have to pay $7.00 with free shipping!  The look and feel of this product is great, and the little known secret is that you will get an extra travel bowl when you order online. And there are 5 different colors available for you to choose, including black, blue, dark green, red and orange. With the easy to carry trash bag and travel bowl, this leash is ideal for you to walk your dog in the park or play in the wild.

Going outdoor without tie out stake and cable will be a mistake, you will have to watch your dog all the time! Play with your dogs at park Obviously you have to make sure it’s safe for the dog and the people around you, you need to tie the dog down with tie out cable and stake, together the tie out cable and stake its a mobile tie down post. Made from high quality aircraft cable and coated with vinyl, the tie out cable is strong enough and safe for your dogs, and is better than straps. The tie out stakes have quite some varieties, such as 9mmx18′, 9mmx17”, 8 mmx16” and 8mmx18”, and the tie out cable is 5mm in diameter and commonly has a few different lengths: 10′, 15′, 20′ and 30′, you can choose from all available sizes according to your needs.

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