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Approved Methods for Mobile Home Vinyl Skirting Installation

This slideshow for vinyl skirting installers covers:
1) Preferred Field Installation
2) Alternate Installation
3) OEM Installation Method
4) Wind Stay Rod Installation
5) Under Home Mounting Methods
6) V-Guard Installation

It may be a good tutorial for contractors with new employees.

The link below is a vinyl skirting material estimation chart:

For more information please call us at 1-800-482-1125 or visit our website

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Abandoned mobile home (mint interior)

Mobile home was foreclosed on about 4 or 5 years ago, and never listed for sale, the inside of the mobile home is MINT, for a mobile home sitting for 4 years, just like my mobile home. It made it. And not a spec of mold, no stolen copper, everything is still intact.
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Mobile Home Opens Up to Reveal Living Space

Check out a cool new mobile trailer. For details –

A New Zealand based company, W2 limited has launched a new mobile, towable home dubbed the ‘Romotow’.

The contemporary style mobile home utilizes an automated swivel, allowing the living area to extend outward from the exterior to reveal much more floor space.

The designers behind the mobile unit state “The Romotow will come in a range of sizes and aesthetic features, including a sheltered decking platform providing 70% more floor area, multiple berths, kitchenette, bathroom, large windows for air flow, shade and privacy.”

The lightweight and aerodynamic design allow for better fuel efficiency and towing stability. The Romotow also has a rear mounted camera which helps drivers while parking in tight spots.

One position depicts the home attached to a vehicle, entirely closed, resembling a modern day mobile home.

The other position shows the Romotow in ‘open mode’, where it is extended towards to the side, revealing a large outdoor living space, which resides in the same space that the unit took up before being extended.

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How much does it cost to build a foundation for a single wide mobile home?

In the area that I want to put a mobile home, they require that you have to have a cement foundation down before placing the trailer. I believe it must be 2 foot high but that might not be the exact number. And then there has to be a crawl space opening. How much would it be to make the foundation? Its a 14×70 single wide mobile home. Also any estimates on how much it might cost for someone else to do it?
Thanks for the info Guest. I know its hard to know what a cost would be but I am just wondering a ball park range just specifically for making the foundation or having someone do it. All the utilities are taken care of, and I did not actually purchase the trailer yet. I have that all figured out cost wise, and they will deliver it and hook everything up and that will be included in a 5 year payment plan. I was just trying to get any rough number of what I am looking at and if it would affordable. I heard form someone it would $15,000. and that sounded extremely high, I was hoping they ment $1,500. Which I could do for sure. Thanks again.

I would like to try to help you with a meaningful answer but there are just to many open items to address.
It appears they have specific requirements that must be met.
A two foot high foundation would require that the mobile home be lifted onto the foundation since there is not that much clearance under a mobile home.
If this is really the case don’t forget to add the lifting equipment into your costs.
In the old days we placed concrete runners (two each, one under each frame) say 5" thick and two feet wide for the full length of the mobile home.
The home was placed on the runners, lifted until the frame was 2’+ above the runner and the space between the runners and the frames was filled in with a concrete block wall and the mobile home was lowered onto the top of the wall. (A thinner slab was cast across both ends of the unit to support the concrete blocks. Thickness of this slab could be less because there would not be any mobile home load on it.)
Check with where ever you purchased your home or another sales location in the area and they will not only be able to interpret the requirements but they will also be able to suggest a couple local contractors or persons that can satisfy the local requirements.
The contractors / persons suggested will be able to give you the exact costs to do the work.
Unless you have the time and a lot of concrete experience it will be cheaper and you can get the work done more rapidly by having someone with experience do the work.
I assume you have already worked out the water and drain requirements and have installed them or had someone install them since they should be installed prior to the mobile home foundation. Electrically can be run in later if it is not already available.
If the utilities are not currently in place you should also check out their installation requirements before you make any commitments for a foundation.
Hope this helped but concerned that it didn’t.
Lived in a mobile home while in college and for about four years after. Had three different mobile units which were moved at least seven times due to the requirements of my job in construction. I initially, the first 4 or 5 moves, set them up, connected them and enclosed the bottoms with metal skirting. The first time I allowed others to set up my mobile home the heat tape on the water line was not installed properly and the brand new mobile home burned to the ground.
The reason I brought that up was to suggest that no matter whom ever does your work, you should be there to watch and make certain it is being done correctly.
Good Luck.

Response to Additional:

I agree $15,000 would be out of line. Again not knowing the scope of the foundation work or the availability of concrete, cost of small amounts of concrete, etc. a WAG of costs (with nothing really to go on) might be in the couple thousand dollar range if you luck out on some of the cost factors. Again a ridicules amount would be $8 – $10,000 again a wag with no real basis. It would be in your best interest to get someone that knows local costs, scope of work etc. if you are going to be close to your spending limits.
I have a civil engineering degree and many years in construction but I am still smart enough not to get to deep into things that I can not address with authority. Sorry I hate to suggest a hard number and give you any false hopes ( + or – ).
It appears you have rounded up your costs prior to making any commitments – sounds good.

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Able Mobile Housing – Mobile home set up

On-Site housing, mobile home set up.

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How to replace shower temp controls in a mobile home trailer?

We got an older ’79 mobile home trailer here in Wisconsin and the hot/cold temp controls have become completely stripped so now we’re forced to run a bath every night and it’s very time consuming and cumbersome. All I really need to know is, what parts do I need to buy from like a hardware store? I’ve haven’t bought anything yet but going to Ace Hardware and Walmart I’ve seen a million options and I frankly have no clue. Thanks in advance!
Well, I only mean the 2 dials in the front. Not exactly sure what to even call them heh.

What you’re looking for is a new cartridge. They are typically fairly easy to replace IF you can find replacements.
1. Turn off the water at the main supply.
2. Remove the handles, may have a small cover in the center of the handle hiding the screws.
3. There should be some sort of retaining fastener. (could be a nut, or a screw, or a rim around the cartridge that unscrews. The replacement should have instructions or ask when you buy it)
4. Pull out the cartridge and install the new one.
5. Put it back together in reverse.

The problem you’re going to run into though, is you’ll be very lucky to find parts. Even the new manufactured homes rarely use standard parts, most are special "trailer parts". And most supply houses don’t carry them. Look for a supplier that specializes in trailers for you best bet. Given the age it will make it even harder to track down. If you can find a brand/model you may be able to google it.

If all else fails, replace the whole faucet. Watch out though, most mobile homes, and especially of that vintage had oddball center spacing on the stems and standard faucets won’t always work.

Good Luck.

Mobile Home


random clips of mobile home moving, funny stuff.
thanks for watching.

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How to move a mobile home from a different state?

Need information on what kind of company you contact to have this done and cost. A family member is giving me a 16×80 mobile home that is in really great condition as long as I can move it and I am trying to find out if it is going to be worth paying for the move. It is located in Maryland and we are in Ohio so it is close to a 500 mile distance. Also I am not sure what kind of company you contact to have a mobile home transported across different states. Thanks.

Call a local mobile home dealer and they can give you a reference for a mover. The mover will have to inspect the unit to see if it is structurally sound enough to move that far and if it is they will give you a quote. They have to separate the 4/8 units (probably 8×40 or 8×20 ea) to be able to tow them on the highways. If all goes well it will still be very expensive. Good Luck

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Fire from an old mobile home roof. Why your house might have burned down

Mobile home fire and why they happen in my opinion. This could be the reason alot of people lost family member to trailer fires.

Mobile Home Fire Lawsuits – Accident Legal Help
If you or a loved one have been seriously injured, burned or a loved one has been lost, as the result of a mobile home fire, then please call us to discuss your legal rights to a potential product liability lawsuit. Time is of the essence! In mobile home fire cases, it is very important that the fire scene be preserved and documented as evidence. Please fill out our online form or call us right now: Toll Free 1-800-883-9858.
Electrical fires in our homes claim the lives of 485 Americans each year and injure 2,305 more. Some of these fires are caused by electrical system failures incorrectly installed wiring. In urban areas, faulty wiring accounts for 33% of residential electrical fires.
According to city fire and building safety officials, some of those mobile homes — particularly those built prior to the enactment of tougher building regulations in the 1970s — are at greater risk for catastrophic and fatal fires than other types of homes.
According to the California Department of Housing and Community Development, division of Codes and Standards, there was a significant increase in the quality of mobile homes built after 1971 in California and nationwide after 1976. The changes made it mandatory for newer mobile homes to be less flammable.

The national Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) conducted a study in 2005, looking over fire data, and concluded that the post-1976 mobile-home construction standards cut fire deaths in half compared to the older models.

Plenty of the older mobile homes are still in use today, however. According to Raquel Gonzalez, manager of the Del Norte Mobile Estates, 321 W. North Ave., roughly 40 percent of the mobile homes were built before the tougher standards.

At the 188-space Mountain View Mobile Estates, the site of the fatal January fire, roughly half of the homes were also built pre-1976, according to Goode.
Fire inspectors examined the scene and decided that the cause was electrical arcing, due to worn electrical conductor insulation

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Window replacement in a mobile home Leaks How to Repair
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