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How/when do i pick a plan for the T-Mobile G1 phone?

My two year contract is up and im sick of having a razr. I ordered a G1 off the t-mobile website but there was no options for me to pick a data plan. Is this something I do when I get the phone activated? And how do I go about activating it to begin with.

Through the check out screen, you should have been given the option of "Add ons" to add on a data plan, before checking out. If not, then when you receive your phone, you can call T-Mobile Customer Care for free through your phone and have that added on to your plan. I did that when I needed to add a Sidekick Data Plan to my phone and it only took about 10 minutes to set it all up.

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How to upload my Photo to a website with a Mobile Device?

Is there a way for me to create a mobile website that allows members to select and upload a photo with their mobile device the same way they would from a desktop computer? (IPhone prohibits flash, do I need flash?) (I know an app will get the job done, but I prefer to mot use an app)

allot of new browser updates which your phone probably has do not support image uploads because the websites would rather you upload them through their applications to get there app rating up 🙂

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What is a good mobile under £150 which has wifi?

I’ve been looking all over English mobile websites and couldn’t find a mobile under £150 which has wifi. It’d be great if anyone could help me. Thanks.
Wifi or free internet that doesn’t cost you loads such as WAP which does.

Well as for Wi-FI i dont know but for 3G and the best deals around PlatinumTel hands down. It works off of sprints network but you dont have to deal with Sprints hidden fees and stupid customer serivce!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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How do I see what phones each of my family members have on T Mobile?

I am shopping for gifts for my Dad and I want to get him a phone case for his phone but I can not figure out what type of phone he has. Is there any way that I can find out by the T mobile website? It only shows my phone and everything, I wanna see what they all have. Help?

I was always wondering this to

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What do you need to activate a 4G T-mobile smartphone on a pre-paid plan?

Also how much will it cost? & the t-mobile website is worthless for what im looking for. Thanks for any info.

There is nothing else to need to activate the phone… Just follow the instructions to activate the phone…

Good luck!

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How do I change my language on facebook mobile?

My phone has my facebook mobile website set to chineese! how do i change it back to english?! someone pleaseee help!

first if your not signed in logout of the account then in the sign in page under the password bos you’ll find that box where you can choose whatever language you want…

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Is there a good website made for the PSP to get apps and themes and other stuff?

I need a good mobile website (made specifically for the PSP web browser) that has homebrew apps and themes and other tools for the PSP. Is there a good one? Can anyone help?

so do u have custom firmware?
If yes and
If not just search google for psp portals eg. "pspwxp psp portal download".

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How can you look at text messages sent a received on Alltell website?

Does anyone know how u can view the message usage in detail as in incoming and outgoing on the alltel website or phone calls upto date? I know on the t mobile website you can but I couldn’t find it on the alltel website.

i dont know

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What is a good website to download free ringtones to your phone from?

I have the T-Mobile Sidekick 2008. I don’t have the web browsing package on my phone. Every time I find a website to download ringtones it requires internet, which isn’t working out for me. I also don’t have the data services plan so I can’t purchase ringtones from my download catalog or the T-Mobile website

What you can do download the ringtone on your computer and get it transfered to your phone via USB data cable, data transfer through memory card or bluetooth. You can visit free ringtones download sites to download latest free ringtones.

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I ordered a phone from t-mobile and they never gave me a tracking number?

On Monday, I ordered a phone and a 2yr plan from the t-mobile website, and they never gave me a confirmation email or anything. What happened? What should I do? Is the phone still going to be delivered?

You should call the customer service number (the website says it is 1-800-672-5390) and give the date you ordered and address and see if it is in their system.
If it is in their system, they will be able to tell you when it will come and give you more information.
If it is not in their system then the order did not get to them.