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How to create a mobile website?

I have a website which I would like to make a mobile website if/when someone visits the site on a mobile phone.

I’ve looked online and I cannot see any straight answers to this simple question. How do you do this and is there any tutorials so I can set it up.

However I don’t want this to affect the desktop version of the website.

Don’t worry much about it. iOS and Android devices can handle everything.
Just make sure you avoid the use of Flash and frames on the website.
An easy way is to use WordPress for the site and have a mobile theme.

Edit: By the way, the right side of your site is chopped off.
I had to zoo to 75% to be able to see all of it properly.

Mobile Business

Where can i create a free mobile website?

I want to create a free mobile website which will allow me to upload files and then allow users to download these files. Which site should I use? Shows you how to make a free website.

Once you have created a website, optimise it for mobile devices.

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Can I make a mobile website so that its content can be only mobile accessible?

I will develop a mobile website and there will be contents in it. It will require you to be the user of a particular telecom company to login into that website and use its content. Is it technically possible? I just want to make sure the pc users do not access it from pcs, but from their mobile instead.

Yeah it is possible with some php to check what kind of user agent they are using. In another words you can check what kind of phone they are using and only allow mobile users, but as far as checking what company they have service with that might be a little harder to ckeck.

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How to design a mobile website?

How to design a mobile website? How it works? How to make it redirected to mobile website from full version of website if any mobile is detected?

Steps to develop a mobile website :
1. register a new domain (go to
2. install WordPress /Joomla or any content management program from Cpanel
3. create a sub domain like or or from Cpanel
4. install mobile plugin (for WordPress- its baap plugin )

this plugin will automatically detect the visitor browser and redirect it properly to pc site or mobile site.
you can also configure it to override the redirection.

Mobile Business

How to get advertisemet for my new mobile website?

hi friends i am starting new mobile website. How to get advertisement for this site? How to earn money through this? Pls give me a detailed descricption. Like, accounts, payment methods etc..?

If you have a mobile site, one of the best things you can do for traffic is to create a mobile app. There are programs where you can do this for free, you just have to due your research and find out what fits
your ability in creating a app.

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How do you track statictics visitors for desktop & mobile websites?

I have a brother in law who has a website and want to compare or track the statistics for a site that is seperated between a desktop\computer version VS mobile website and also he would like to compare other competitor sites too so he is wondering what tool to use to check that?
I know Google Analaytic is one of them but he needs a site that can enter the URL and then check it as in general. Unless only the site owner i.e. my brother in law are only able to view the statistics? This system provides information gathered from publicly available information provided by the domain name owner to their individual registrars. will help you to compare competitors website.

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Can i get advertisements in partnerships from another websites or another users?

hi, iam starting a new mobile website. Why can i
earn money through it. can i get advertisements
in partnerships from another websites or
another users? Plz list out the sites name and give
a brief description about it. Like, how to sign up,
how to get advertisement partnership based advertisements? Plz help?

yes you can get advertisement from your partnership from other websites you can put in classifieds sites list

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What is an easy way to create a free mobile website?

My experience in programming is very VERY little. I want to create a free mobile website (strictly for mobiles). I need it to upload videos so I can watch them on my mobile. Is there any free web hosting service that offers such a service?

I use Zoho. It is a great service to make mobile friendly sites and it is really easy to use.

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What are some free mobile anime websites?

what are some FREE mobile websites that i can download free anime straight to my phone? please post the website 🙂 thanks.

try this:

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How do you delete your email from the facebook mobile log in screen?

I used my brother’s ipod to log in to facebook but if he finds out i will legit die. anyone know how to remove my email from the facebook mobile, not the facebook application, the facebook mobile website????? I will legit die if i dont do this and make my email disappear please help me
I already tried google

Google it (: