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Approved Methods for Mobile Home Vinyl Skirting Installation

This slideshow for vinyl skirting installers covers:
1) Preferred Field Installation
2) Alternate Installation
3) OEM Installation Method
4) Wind Stay Rod Installation
5) Under Home Mounting Methods
6) V-Guard Installation

It may be a good tutorial for contractors with new employees.

The link below is a vinyl skirting material estimation chart:

For more information please call us at 1-800-482-1125 or visit our website

Duration : 0:10:12

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Power of Mobile Advertising

Unleash the power of mobile in your life and business today. This video shows the growing power of mobile marketing and the power of mobile advertising.

Click-On-It Mobile
1425 Ridenour Blvd. NW
Suite 1204
Kennesaw GA 30152
United States

Duration : 0:2:53

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NetZero 4 G Mobile Broadband Personal HotSpot

NetZero 4 G Mobile Broadband Personal HotSpot

Duration : 0:8:15

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How to create a mobile website?

I have a website which I would like to make a mobile website if/when someone visits the site on a mobile phone.

I’ve looked online and I cannot see any straight answers to this simple question. How do you do this and is there any tutorials so I can set it up.

However I don’t want this to affect the desktop version of the website.

Don’t worry much about it. iOS and Android devices can handle everything.
Just make sure you avoid the use of Flash and frames on the website.
An easy way is to use WordPress for the site and have a mobile theme.

Edit: By the way, the right side of your site is chopped off.
I had to zoo to 75% to be able to see all of it properly.

Abandoned mobile home (mint interior)

Mobile home was foreclosed on about 4 or 5 years ago, and never listed for sale, the inside of the mobile home is MINT, for a mobile home sitting for 4 years, just like my mobile home. It made it. And not a spec of mold, no stolen copper, everything is still intact.
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Duration : 0:7:6

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How to Create a Mobile Website?

How to Create a Mobile Website?

Did you know that there is a big difference between your website simply showing up on a mobile device and actually being formatted to work properly on a mobile device?

A Mobile version of a website is very different than a traditional site.

A true mobile friendly website is easy to navigate from a mobile device.

If your site merely shows up on a phone this does not make it mobile friendly. As a mobile user it is a pain to slide back and forth, zooming in and out just to look at a website.

While you may be saying who cares, get off the phone-tablet and get to a real computer. Your consumers are saying, give me what I want!

Consumers today are more demanding then ever, and if you are not going to provide them with what they want, they will simply find someone who will.

Duration : 0:3:55

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Alcatel Y800 “Mi-Fi” Mobile Broadband – Intro & Unboxing

A review and unboxing of the Alcatel Y800 mobile broadband device.

Before walking into the EE shop that sold this to me, I had no idea mobile Wi-Fi of this caliber was available. To summarise, this unit sports 12+ Mbps broadband on the go that works like magic thanks to the relatively new 4G networks in the UK. – Alcatel Y800 – PAYG

Music by M|O|O|N

Duration : 0:17:51

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Where can i create a free mobile website?

I want to create a free mobile website which will allow me to upload files and then allow users to download these files. Which site should I use? Shows you how to make a free website.

Once you have created a website, optimise it for mobile devices.

Performance Checklist for the Mobile Web

Have you been misusing the term web performance? Colt McAnlis, a developer advocate at Google, says that web performance is more than just how fast a page loads. It is also the experience a user has while using your app.

For this talk, Colt supplies a “programmer’s checklist” for building HTML5 apps capable of making smooth transitions from desktop to mobile. If you work in an environment where the performance of your application matters to your companies bottom line, or if you just want to share some laughs with Colt while learning a thing or two about web performance, definitely check out this fun talk from HTML5DevConf.


**More HTML5 developer resources available at:

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Mobile Home Opens Up to Reveal Living Space

Check out a cool new mobile trailer. For details –

A New Zealand based company, W2 limited has launched a new mobile, towable home dubbed the ‘Romotow’.

The contemporary style mobile home utilizes an automated swivel, allowing the living area to extend outward from the exterior to reveal much more floor space.

The designers behind the mobile unit state “The Romotow will come in a range of sizes and aesthetic features, including a sheltered decking platform providing 70% more floor area, multiple berths, kitchenette, bathroom, large windows for air flow, shade and privacy.”

The lightweight and aerodynamic design allow for better fuel efficiency and towing stability. The Romotow also has a rear mounted camera which helps drivers while parking in tight spots.

One position depicts the home attached to a vehicle, entirely closed, resembling a modern day mobile home.

The other position shows the Romotow in ‘open mode’, where it is extended towards to the side, revealing a large outdoor living space, which resides in the same space that the unit took up before being extended.

Duration : 0:1:6

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