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Mobile Broadband

Will a mobile broadband modem or mobile hotspot device work on an Imac?

I’m going to get the 21.5" imac and was wondering if a mobile broadband or hotspot device would work one it?

why not that is what devices are designed to do no?

Mobile Broadband

Mobile Website Development – Basics (part 01)

In this tutorial we will take a look at how to create a very simple mobile website using Photoshop, Dreamweaver, and test it using Adobe Device Central.

Part 01

Duration : 0:7:1

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Mobile Broadband

Three 3G – HSPA+ Mobile Broadband for Home Office

Mobile Broadband from 3 UK using Samsung Galaxy S2 and Huawei E367 Dongle.
Video made with Microsoft Lifecam Studio & using Lifecam mic. Uploaded to YouTube with Windows Live Movie Maker.

Duration : 0:7:8

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Promoting and Marketing By Blogging

Lately google made some changes to their ranking algorithm,   in the name of providing more relevant search results for it’s users, google engineers published blog post which indicated there were 11.8% organic search results will be affected, put it this way, there are about 12% of google search results are considered low quality by google itself. Google started this change almost one year ago, no wonder I saw a few of my keywords’ ranks dropped like a rock, on the other hand almost all keywords promoted by contextual links are not affected, some of the keywords even ranked better than before, it’s almost a sure thing that plain link building loses all it’s attraction, at least in the eye of google.

Now what on earth is plain link building and how do people do it? a large percentage of SEO firms will do this,  they put your links on websites which only exist for holding links, these websites will only be updated when new links are being added, almost all of them are garbage, the name link spamming are just for these sites. Now google algorithm probably will weed out these sites, all the links on those websites will have the same fate.  

Examples will be great for explanation. In the very beginning, I didn’t know better, I needed to rank the keyword, transport chains, at that time almost every body was doing plain linking campaign, lately I figured that every site in the campaign had way too many links, worst yet, those sites had no content at all. In the beginning, the ranking of the keyword in question rise pretty fast, finally the rank improved a lot, the party was over when google updated it’s algorithm. Something opposite happened to this keyword, chain pullers, we promoted this keyword with articles and blog posts, with very few plain links, you can imagine how this keyword ranks. Old and outdated linking campaign lost to content linking, what’s next? In fact the only thing matters here is content, as long as you dole out high quality content, your rank will improve over time, since search engines are another kind of readers. You probably think there are already too many blogs out there, it’s not true, there will never be too many good blogs, take a look at this blog, kids clothing , I didn’t put too much effort into it from start, but I never stopped posting, now it can even rank the highly competitive keywords. As we can see, quality blog marketing is much better than plain link building. Now imagine you have your own blog network, such as ATV Winches, you will have the power to push any sites up in search engines.

At the end of day all you have to do is to create quality content, publish and share with people, and put your keywords in the context you’re good to go, your effort will reward you handsomely in the end. Persistence and patience are the keys to success, you shouldn’t expect things to improve overnight, it doesn’t matter you’re doing SEO or advertising your business, keep doing what we have to do till the end of world. One of the best articles directories is EzineArticle, a new article will be indexed and cached in less than an hour, and some popular blogs will get your post indexed in minutes, there venues are ideal for promoting your site, here I am going to show you an article in article directory or on a blog, such as grade 70 chains, nice writing, good content, published on popular site, this article is a good example of article marketing. 

We’re not finished yet, please remeber, the social media is the must have channel for your marketing effort. For wordpress blogs, I recommend twitter tools, get a twitter account and API keys, link your blog to twitter, then make sure every new post will post a new tweet, it’s simple and elegant, no one should miss this tool out.

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Mobile Home

How to Name a Mobile Home Park

When you buy a mobile home park, and if you currently own a mobile home park, it’s a pretty safe bet that you need to change the name. Because most mobile home parks have terrible names that, sadly, could be used as a marketing tool if only they were different. Just like Johnny Cash’s “A Boy Named Sue”, many mobile home parks have names which are extremely inappropriate and downright embarrassing for their residents to live under. And a wonderful marketing opportunity is missed every day that they are not changed.

The Problem

Most mobile home parks were built in the 1970s or earlier, at a time when mobile home park residents dreamed of having their own private jukebox and pink flamingos in the yard. They were the very essence of tacky. And the park names matched the customer. Some were clever take-offs on the mobile home concept, like “Roll-A-Home”. Many were rustic sounding like “Wagon Wheel”. But rarely were they created with any marketing strategy involved. Some are so bad that you have to wonder if the owner was trying to make fun of his tenants or the whole concept of trailer living. Some parks don’t even have a name, just a 4’ x 8’ sheet of plywood with a phone number or “Mobile Park” crudely painted on it. Just like the grave of the unknown soldier, they are nameless plots of dirt where tenants live and die and don’t even know how to identify themselves.

The Early Creators

Many of moms and pops that still own parks in America don’t know diddle about naming a property. They might be good with a carbine in WWII, or great with laying their own sewer line (until it flows backwards the first time around), or building parking pads with asphalt out of the back of their pick-up truck. But when it came to marketing, they were at the bottom of the class. Just look at the marketing materials from these folks even today. A professional quality flyer is a Xeroxed sheet written by hand with a marks-a-lot (both capitals and lower case letters interchanged). These folks ruled over cheap pieces of farmland with new infrastructure and some trailers, and were not serious real estate investors. They never dreamed their parks would be worth anything some day. The bottom line is that while they may have attractive mobile home parks, they have no idea how to name a property properly. Is it appropriate to have a lousy name on an expensive park?

The Cure

Naming a mobile home park is very easy. Virtually any name you choose will be better than the current one – you are probably 1,000% more marketing savvy than the person you bought the park from. You certainly have more at stake than they did. But there is a strategy to derive the ultimate name if you put a little work into it. Here’s the process:

·          What is the number one sales point for someone moving to or living in the park?

·          Reduce this sales point to one or two essential words.

·          Add the name “Estates” at the start or end of these words.

For example, if your park has huge pine trees on it that everybody loves, then the appropriate name would be “Pine Tree Estates”. Or if it’s the frontage on Lake Forest, then it should be “The Estates of Lake Forest”, or “Lake Forest Estates”. It’s that simple.

Why a classy name? Because people in mobile home parks don’t want to be reminded of the fact with a lousy name that they have to use among the rest of the world who does not live in a trailer park. What kid at school wants to tell his friends, “I live in Roll-A-Home”? Nobody. Everybody wants to feel important and equal. Give them that opportunity!

Enacting the New Name

Once you have settled on a name, it’s equally easy to put it into practice. First, notify the city of what you are doing, and make sure it is legal to change before you begin. I have never seen a city that had a problem with changing the name. Then, it’s time for a new sign for the park. This time around, get a decent quality one from a professional company, at a cost of about $2,000. Then send a letter to all the tenants about the name change. And you’ll have to change the marketing materials at all of the dealers. The final change is your yellow page ad – so keep watching for that renewal notice.

That’s all there it to it. That’s not too hard now, is it?

The Benefits

A new, classy name will have multiple benefits to your property:

  • The name alone delivers your sales message to potential customers (remember to put the key  sales point in the name).

  • The residents will have more pride of ownership when they can take pride in the name of where they live.

  • A new name erases the park’s past ills

  • A new name is a turn-on to lenders who look at financing it (remember that the name will be throughout your loan application documents).

  • A classy name will help you get a higher sales price when you go to sell the park someday.


The benefits of changing the name of your mobile home park are priceless. The cost is nominal. There is no excuse not to do it. So start immediately. You will be very happy you did. And so will your tenants!

Dave Reynolds

Mobile Business

Big Growing Even Bigger: Mobile Advertising and Internet Advertising

Advertisers these days have many options for advertising, but Mobile Advertising and Internet Advertising are the two most thrilling, as advertisements look very attractive when displayed on phone screens and on computer/laptop screens. Since much potential and scope lies in mobile and Internet advertising and it tends to deeply appeal to the viewers. Mobile Advertisement and Internet Advertisements have come in focus.

Mobile Advertising is closely related to online or Internet Advertising, though its reach is far greater – mobile advertising’s estimated targets say that by end 2008, there would be global total 4 billion. Global estimates of computers, including desktops and laptops, is at 800 million. Therefore exclusive advertising on web pages meant for access by mobile phones is a great idea.

It would be easier for an advertiser to convince people to buy their product when people would receive and view ads while there are already out for shopping. Giving them the relevant information needed can do this and supplying them with added details could also influence them to the extent that they straightaway proceed to buy product after seeing its ads.

As essential needs of all humans are very similar, a person who has received an advertisement through Mobile or Internet may not be in need of the service or product advertised but might know someone who is in need of it and so can pass on the advertiser’s message through word of mouth, forwarding the link or the advertisement. A major benefit of Internet Advertising is that the information and content can be accessed in any country even at late odd hours. Internet Advertisements are often interactive advertising so if the Internet Advertiser opts for a response, the viewer may like to visit the brand’s website, or try to contact them through email, phone, etc.

Mobile Advertising and Internet Advertising in future are predicted to become the major sources of advertising.


Mobile Broadband

Mobile Website Development – Basics (part 01)

In this tutorial we will take a look at how to create a very simple mobile website using Photoshop, Dreamweaver, and test it using Adobe Device Central.

Part 01

Duration : 0:7:1

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Mobile Broadband

TruConnect MiFi 2200 Pay As You Go 3G Mobile Broadband Service Review And Giveaway

A look at the MiFi 2200 From TruConnect. Wireless “Pay As You Go” Mobile Hotspot. Fast 3G speeds without the hassle of a monthly bill or bundle services!
This is a 2011 One Savvy Mom Holiday Gift Pick!

Head on over to One Savvy Mom at: to #Win a MiFi 2200 device + a FUL YEAR of service from TruConnect!!

Duration : 0:5:55

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Mobile Home

What is the average mobile home park rent rate in California?

My husband and I are interested in buying a mobile home in southern California. If we were to pay for the mobile home in full, how much could we be expecting to pay monthly for "Park-Rent"?
Is it possible to buy a mobile home where we don’t have to pay for lot rent?

I don’t think you’d be able to find a a mobile home in which you don’t have to pay rent for, unless you purchase a lot and use it for that purpose. My parents live in a mobile home currently, and they pay about $300-400 monthly for their "space", including sewer, trash, water, & gas. Hope that helped! Good luck on your purchase 🙂

Mobile Business

What is a good mobile website?

Is there a good website that has a mobile version where I can ask many questions and get answers to them? I like yahoo answers, but it’s blocked at school. What are a list of websites that might work at school?

Yahoo Answers works on phones, there’s a mobile version