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Hiring Offshore Developers for Website Development

Dynamic presentation of product and services in the competitive world is a first priority of every business and this can be achieved by using ASP.NET based websites for the better presentation. Using websites developed in ASP.NET is one of popular and reliable way of presenting products & services dynamically to get in eyes of customers and there are numerous offshore website developing companies offering IT professionals on hire basis. Hiring ASP.NET programmers from website development companies can fulfill all the expectations of companies looking for the quality work in website development.

It is very essential to understand business nature before taking decision of website development for the business. Presently, Professionals have gained great expertise in understanding business nature and market position that helps outsourcing companies to choose best option from available programming languages in website development for their respective business. ASP.NET is product of Microsoft that provides reliability for the users having various advanced features for the effective presentation of content on the website. Websites developed using ASP.NET results in fast working and multiple operations can be performed.

There are various benefits of hiring ASP.NET programmers that help outsourcing firms to achieve their business goals in the online market.

  • ASP.NET professionals are offering vigorous & scalable services of website development with implementation of modern technologies.

  • As per compatible properties of the ASP.NET programming language professionals are offering good sensible services of mixing with other languages such as many programmers used to use C#, J# and VB.NET pages to provide their clients best suitable productive results for their business.

  • ASP.NET Professionals from web development companies are providing security and offering services of developing websites in various languages according to demand of clients from different parts of the world.

  • ASP.NET professionals from offshore service providers are offering services of integration in the website development such as in coding they are using programming models as per requirement of the project.

  • Offshore hiring professionals are providing their website development services in producing ASP.NET n-tiered architecture web pages for their clients.

Outsourcing companies are enjoying hiring professional’s services from offshore IT service providers as these companies are offering affordable hire basis concept. Professionals are very much proficient in rendering services like dynamic website development, project management, custom software applications, web applications, mobile games, ecommerce shopping cart etc. Developers are having great expertise in ASP.NET, Vb.NET, XML, XSL, XSLT and JavaScript.

Hidden Brains

Mobile Broadband

Mobile Website Development – Basics (part 01)

In this tutorial we will take a look at how to create a very simple mobile website using Photoshop, Dreamweaver, and test it using Adobe Device Central.

Part 01

Duration : 0:7:1

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Mobile Broadband

3 (Three) UK Mobile Broadband Demo/Review

This is a demo of the new 3 UK Mobile Broadband service running on a Dell Vostro 1500 using a built in HSDPA PCI Express card

Duration : 0:7:50

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High Quality Articles on Your Blogs Will Improve Your Business

Lately google made some changes to their rank algorithm,   in the name of providing more relevant search results for it’s users, on official google blog it is estimated 11.8% search results will be affected by this update, put it this way, there are about 12% of google search results are considered low quality by google itself. They planned and started the update about one year ago, and recently I see some of my ranks were lowered considerably, on the other hand almost all keywords promoted by contextual links are not affected, and a few of them even gained a few positions, it’s safe to say that old way of link building is doomed.

So what exactly is linking campaign the old way? a large percentage of SEO firms will do this,  they put your links on websites which only exist for holding links, the only updates on those websites are the new links, almost all of them are garbage, the name of link spamming sites is justified. New google algorithm most likely will punish these link spammers,  all the links on those websites will have the same fate.  

A few real world examples will help to explain what I said. When I got into online marketing long time ago, I started with this keyword, Nylon Lift Sling, at that time almost every body was doing plain linking campaign, almost all the sites I got link from had too many links, and the worst thing is that those sites are linking sites only and had no content, not even crap content. I would give credit where credit is due, this linking strategy worked, lately the keyword link stayed on the first page for a while, this was the case until google made the change. Here is another keyword, chain pullers, we put the link in relevant context, almost no plain links, you can imagine how this keyword ranks. Old and outdated linking campaign lost to content linking, what’s next? In fact the only thing matters here is content, as long as you dole out high quality content, you will attract readers as well as search engines. You may think there are already too many blogs out there, it’s not true, there will never be too many good blogs, for instance let’s examine this one, kaiya eve pettiskirts , I didn’t put too much effort into it from start, but I never stopped posting, I guess you believe this site won’t be doing too well, in actuality my site is ranking high for some nice search phrases. As far as SEO concerned, quality blog marketing is much better than plain link building. If you can build a group of your own blogs, something like rigging block, then it will be easier to do article marketing.

At the end of day all you have to do is to create attractive content, get people to enjoy and share your stuff, promote your business with the content, this strategy will prevail in short or long term. The virtues, persistence and patience, are essential for your success, long term strategy is required to improve anything of significance, be it your business or search rankings, let’s keep building and maintaining our blogs until end of the day. When publisinh articles, I prefer ezine, google will index a new article on ezine promptly, of course your posts on some blogs will be indexed real fast as well, I believe you should see for yourself, lap link, explains some interesting concepts, nice writing, good content, published on popular site, all these points make it perfect for SEO.

Last but not least, we have hot social media now, no one can afford to not using them. The Twitter tools is a wordpress plugin, you can install it, then go ahead register a new twitter account and app, configure your twitter tools prpperly, then make sure every new post will post a new tweet, it’s easy and really useful, no one should miss this tool out.

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Mobile Home

How to Name a Mobile Home Park

When you buy a mobile home park, and if you currently own a mobile home park, it’s a pretty safe bet that you need to change the name. Because most mobile home parks have terrible names that, sadly, could be used as a marketing tool if only they were different. Just like Johnny Cash’s “A Boy Named Sue”, many mobile home parks have names which are extremely inappropriate and downright embarrassing for their residents to live under. And a wonderful marketing opportunity is missed every day that they are not changed.

The Problem

Most mobile home parks were built in the 1970s or earlier, at a time when mobile home park residents dreamed of having their own private jukebox and pink flamingos in the yard. They were the very essence of tacky. And the park names matched the customer. Some were clever take-offs on the mobile home concept, like “Roll-A-Home”. Many were rustic sounding like “Wagon Wheel”. But rarely were they created with any marketing strategy involved. Some are so bad that you have to wonder if the owner was trying to make fun of his tenants or the whole concept of trailer living. Some parks don’t even have a name, just a 4’ x 8’ sheet of plywood with a phone number or “Mobile Park” crudely painted on it. Just like the grave of the unknown soldier, they are nameless plots of dirt where tenants live and die and don’t even know how to identify themselves.

The Early Creators

Many of moms and pops that still own parks in America don’t know diddle about naming a property. They might be good with a carbine in WWII, or great with laying their own sewer line (until it flows backwards the first time around), or building parking pads with asphalt out of the back of their pick-up truck. But when it came to marketing, they were at the bottom of the class. Just look at the marketing materials from these folks even today. A professional quality flyer is a Xeroxed sheet written by hand with a marks-a-lot (both capitals and lower case letters interchanged). These folks ruled over cheap pieces of farmland with new infrastructure and some trailers, and were not serious real estate investors. They never dreamed their parks would be worth anything some day. The bottom line is that while they may have attractive mobile home parks, they have no idea how to name a property properly. Is it appropriate to have a lousy name on an expensive park?

The Cure

Naming a mobile home park is very easy. Virtually any name you choose will be better than the current one – you are probably 1,000% more marketing savvy than the person you bought the park from. You certainly have more at stake than they did. But there is a strategy to derive the ultimate name if you put a little work into it. Here’s the process:

·          What is the number one sales point for someone moving to or living in the park?

·          Reduce this sales point to one or two essential words.

·          Add the name “Estates” at the start or end of these words.

For example, if your park has huge pine trees on it that everybody loves, then the appropriate name would be “Pine Tree Estates”. Or if it’s the frontage on Lake Forest, then it should be “The Estates of Lake Forest”, or “Lake Forest Estates”. It’s that simple.

Why a classy name? Because people in mobile home parks don’t want to be reminded of the fact with a lousy name that they have to use among the rest of the world who does not live in a trailer park. What kid at school wants to tell his friends, “I live in Roll-A-Home”? Nobody. Everybody wants to feel important and equal. Give them that opportunity!

Enacting the New Name

Once you have settled on a name, it’s equally easy to put it into practice. First, notify the city of what you are doing, and make sure it is legal to change before you begin. I have never seen a city that had a problem with changing the name. Then, it’s time for a new sign for the park. This time around, get a decent quality one from a professional company, at a cost of about $2,000. Then send a letter to all the tenants about the name change. And you’ll have to change the marketing materials at all of the dealers. The final change is your yellow page ad – so keep watching for that renewal notice.

That’s all there it to it. That’s not too hard now, is it?

The Benefits

A new, classy name will have multiple benefits to your property:

  • The name alone delivers your sales message to potential customers (remember to put the key  sales point in the name).

  • The residents will have more pride of ownership when they can take pride in the name of where they live.

  • A new name erases the park’s past ills

  • A new name is a turn-on to lenders who look at financing it (remember that the name will be throughout your loan application documents).

  • A classy name will help you get a higher sales price when you go to sell the park someday.


The benefits of changing the name of your mobile home park are priceless. The cost is nominal. There is no excuse not to do it. So start immediately. You will be very happy you did. And so will your tenants!

Dave Reynolds

Mobile Business

A Review of the Mobile Real Estate Investment Group

If you are looking for some type of Investment Company there are plenty of places that you can look. They are all different and each one offers different benefits to its customers, finding the right one for you may be difficult. Mobile Real Estate Investment Group is completely and totally different of any other type of investment group you may have encountered in the past.

They offer seriously goal oriented services that will always be up to par. Investments such as Mobile Real Estate Investment Group has a very personal website that makes you feel like a friend. By taking your investments and moving them to invest with a company like this you are giving yourself more money in the future.

Who They Are

In visiting the site of Mobile Real Estate Investment Group it gives a lot of information about who they are and where they come from. Unlike many other companies in this industry they are a Non-Profit organization that was started in Mobile, AL. They started their company in 2005 and have a very steady customer based company.

They actually meet with each customer and discuss real estate opportunities around the area. Most of the members are involved with real estate in one way or another whether it’s buying or selling. Although Investing in a company can be extremely risky this company offers sincere honesty and stands by their morals. The company is a strong willed based industry that wants to be committed to you.

What They Do

Mobile Real Estate Investment Group is providing you with the best investment opportunity available. If you are interested in making some extra money and learning more about the business or real estate this is the right place for you. Unlike many other companies in this industry they offer their customers a lot of information and services. They have many different plans and options to choose from. They offer experience from many different professionals in the field and other related fields as well. You are getting quality information straight from those who know best.

How You Make Money

Mobile Real Estate Investment Group allows you to deposit some of your money and make more money in the long run. You will be signing up for the company and watching your money grow. You will set up an account and receive log in information; and in no time be making money. All members have many more benefits than other users. Mobile Real Estate Investment Group has different interest rates from 30yr to even 1yr. The interest rates vary from 5.14% to 6.13%. Mobil Real Estate Investment Group offers 24/7 member support, they are very good and personable to their members.

What We’ve Heard

Mobile Real Estate Investment Group has a good amount of information on their website. Although they don’t have much information about plans they offer they seem honest and fair. Mobil Real Estate Investment Group offers many different pages about what they can give you and how they can help you succeed. They have different information from qualified professionals and each one is willing and waiting to help you.

Although there are always risks involved when investing your money, especially with companies you don’t know a lot about. There seem to be quite a few people involved with this program and they seem to be very close to their clients. This is a program you need to see for yourself.

Brian Garvin

Mobile Broadband

Mobile Website – Winning Mobile Website Developer

Mobile Website – Winning Mobile Website Developer. – We are one of the FIRST & ONLY companies in London creating INTERACTIVE & INTUITIVE mobile websites. Be proactive – CALL US TODAY –

Duration : 0:4:58

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Mobile Broadband

Mobile Broadband

Download:’s guide to mobile broadband will teach you all about mobile internet and broadband on the go. From dongles to USB modem sticks, this video guide will take you through how and where mobile broadband works, who offers it and how to set up mobile broadband on your laptop.

Duration : 0:2:30

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Mobile Home

Kentucky Farm Land Mobile Home for sale – owner will finance Danville, KY

more images and info at

859-319-5000 Mobile Homes for sale in Kentucky KY

Super nice manufactured home – in one of our best communities. 2 miles to Super Wal-Mart, Office Depot, Lowe’s and Starbucks – this location couldn’t be better.
14×80 manufactured home, 3 large brs, 2 baths, Fireplace with Italian, Black Marble Hearth, garden tub, deck, massive 14′ Master BR, move in condition – end of the street – end lot with huge yard for flowers, garden, etc.
Oakview Commons offers Pro Volleyball, tetherball – for kids of all ages ;-), BBQ grill, picnic table, fire pit, horseshoes, 3 plank-horse fence, school bus shelter, soda machine, 24 hr lighting, Community living, etc – I could go on and on. Oakview Commons is a must-see Community and this is a Must-See home.

Duration : 0:4:8

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Mobile Website – Winning Mobile Website Developer

Mobile Website – Winning Mobile Website Developer. – We are one of the FIRST & ONLY companies in Australia creating INTERACTIVE & INTUITIVE mobile websites. Be proactive – CALL US TODAY – 1 300 533 550.

Duration : 0:4:58

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