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Can you make your mobile device not connect to the "mobile" website?

Is there a way for your iphone to not get the mobile website?
Is there anyway to trick a website for it not to know you have a mobile device, so you go on the real website, and not a modified one?
I know some have a link that reads click here for normal view, but some do not.

I had an ipod touch and had bought a browser through the app store that had an option to ‘trick’ websites into thinking it was a browser of your choice. With that in mind, I’d suggest searching through the app store for something similar (sorry I can’t remember the name of the app and no longer have the device.)
I’ll update this with the apps name if it comes to me.

Btw, it won’t be free. I think I payed 2-5 $ for it.

Mobile Broadband

What is a good type of broadband to get for the internet cost wise (not mobile broadband) in Australia?

I currently have mobile broadband 4gb for $40. It gets expensive – we end up recharging every 3 weeks.
I really just want a good deal – medium speed, about 10gb to 50gb a month for as little cost as possible.
Please explain the details a little as I get confused with all the different types (ADSL, ADSL2, naked, cable etc.)
Thanks – really appreciate any help.

Go here:
and either put in your phone number or search your state, huge list of ISP’s

The search lets you choose how much data you want and how much you want to spend,
ADSL2 is faster that ADSL, naked uses the phone lines but doesn’t require you to have an active phone service (you actually can;t have a normal phone service with naked dsl) it is often a better deal, but needs to be available to your local phone exchange, and your current phone lines need to be able to support it.
Cable also needs to be available in your area.

If you have wireless and are happy with the speed i’d look for a 512mbps or 1024mbps plan, they are cheaper and about the same speed as you’ll typically get on wireless.

You could google "broadband choice" or broadband selector or something like that, most of the sites that willl come up have limited providers though (ie. the ones that pay to be on the site)
I’d stick with the whirlpool search, also the forums there will let you know other peoples experiences with the different providers.

Good Luck

Mobile Broadband

Does indexing a mobile website create a duplicate content issues?

More tips for helping Google to index your mobile site:

Does indexing a mobile website create a duplicate content issues with the main site? Any recommendations for mobile seo? Biznick, Missouri

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Mobile Broadband

How to use 3g mobile broadband on a ps3 or xbox360

using 3g mobile broadband on a ps3 without a 3g wireless router.. im using a three mobile huawei E169G 3g usb modem(dongle),
im pretty sure this will work with all 3g and adsl modems(if your sick of having to change the ethernet cable back and over on the adsl modem)!!

Works On windows 7 also!

sorry about the bad quility, here are the instructions if you cant see them —

Here I’m going to show you how to share your 3g internet connection with your ps3/xbox 360 without having to buy a 3g wireless Wire-less router (€300) with the use of your pc/laptop and an Ethernet cable! I’m going use ps3 as an example. Its very easy to do but a lot of people don’t have a clue and go ahead and pay for the router !!!
Ok first of all you need a Ethernet cable (supplied with the ps3 system) and connect it from your pc/laptop to your ps3, then you’ll need to connect to the internet. Now go to control panel and click ” view network status and tasks” then click “view status” and then “properties”…….

Now you need to click the “sharing tab in the top right hand corner.

Then tick the box that says “allow other network users to connect through this computers internet connection” if prompted for a password enter it or contact your computers administer. After putting in the password click “ok”

Note: if a text box appears telling you that you can only share the connection when “you” are logged in just click ok.

Now disconnect from the internet and reconnect, and you should be good to go this end!

Now head over to your ps3 and go to network settings and click internet connection settings, now choose the “easy” for the setting method and press right on the d-pad of your controller and wait a few seconds, when the next screen pops up choose “automatic” so it will find your IP address by itself, and click right again! Now you can choose the next settings yourself or you can just keep clicking right until you come to the last screen and press x, now test the connection and you should be good to go, just sign in to PSN and your online !!

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Mobile Business

Can you make your mobile device not connect to the "mobile" website?

Is there a way for your iphone to not get the mobile website?
Is there anyway to trick a website for it not to know you have a mobile device, so you go on the real website, and not a modified one?
I know some have a link that reads click here for normal view, but some do not.

I had an ipod touch and had bought a browser through the app store that had an option to ‘trick’ websites into thinking it was a browser of your choice. With that in mind, I’d suggest searching through the app store for something similar (sorry I can’t remember the name of the app and no longer have the device.)
I’ll update this with the apps name if it comes to me.

Btw, it won’t be free. I think I payed 2-5 $ for it.

Mobile Broadband

What is the best mobile broadband to get?

I have a Sony Vaio laptop that I use for checking emails and doing google research. I spend an average of 14 hrs per week on my computer. What do you think would be the best mobile broadband for me to get?

The most important decision if you’re using the internet that much is to choose a mobile broadband deal that has a big enough data bundle – you need to make sure you don’t go over your data bundle or you could be hit with big charges from the mobile network.

If you’re using it for 14 hours a week, and that’s mainly web and email (and not much youtube / downloading) then you’re going to need around 3GB per month. Consider getting a larger bundle to be safe. T-Mobile currently have great deals where they don’t charge overage.

There’s loads of good deals around at the moment – try for a list of all the networks offers.

Also, there’s a complete buyers guide at which might be useful.

Hope that helps.

Mobile Business

The Invasive Cell and Mobile Phone

Help!!! We are being invaded and taken over by Mobiles and Cell Phones. Some Etiquette is needed by and for Cell Phone Users, as people date their phones more and more and start ignoring real people.

The first portable phones were the size of a small suitcase. Today, a mobile can be held in a closed fist, or even located in a tooth. The price has come to a level that almost everyone can afford, and everywhere you go, addicted individuals have mobiles attached to their ears, or are doubled over texting messages to other addicts.

The phone has the power to take precedence over real people. Watch how everyone responds to the ringing of a phone, and watch the same people respond to a call from the people around them. A house can be on fire, and you will see people texting or talking on their mobiles as they are leaving the danger zone.

It is like a disease of the Insecure. Surely friendships and business exchanges are not going to cease if one does not immediately answer the call. There must be spaces where socializing actually replaces the machine call for reply. It is not so, and even at meals and at functions and formal dinners, and even at concerts, movies, lectures, churches and funerals, the mobile will ring and be answered.

Today the rudeness is highlighted by the latest in ultra-loud jangling answer tones, and where once the call was preceded by a recognizable phone ring, now a blast of jolly Music, often totally inappropriate for the function on hand, will now blast the ears of others, as its owner hurriedly exits trying to find the discordant mobile to answer it. Never have I seen it simply put off or just turned down. The owner will walk outside and answer the phone, confirming their ignorance of a social protocol now violated. It is not funny anymore, it’s an invasion. It’s an invasion of the right of others to enjoy their privacy without being subjected to firstly, the disturbance of their silence or pleasure, and secondly, by the invasion into their right to enjoy the privacy of their outing and the companion/s they are with.

It never seems to amaze me that people on dates, spend their time on their mobile phones, thus confirming their ignorance of how to behave on a date, and also their confirmation of the value of the person they are dating. It’s the person on the phone that takes precedence over the person at the table. I once walked out on a phone-talking date to be reprimanded later for being rude. He had no idea what his absorption with the phone did to my ego, and could not even see that taking me out and spending the evening on the mobile, did not equate to a pleasant evening for me sitting at the table, waiting for him to get off the phone and acknowledge my presence as his guest and date. Next time this happens I intend to take my mobile out and text everybody a simple question like, ‘What are your plans for next weekend, or even next Christmas? And either answer the replies, or keep texting other questions with serious intent, to show how popular I am, and how important my messages are to the recipients. I also guarantee that most of the recipients will reply, as most people simply cannot ignore a phone call, let alone a phone message, however inappropriate it is at the time. I am sure my date will be very impressed with my dedication to my mobile. In a situation like this, the date will possibly also get absorbed in a mobile, and leave me wondering what the purpose of the evening was, and what exactly was I trying to prove.

What does happen when someone has a shower, or is in a swimming pool or spa? Are mobiles now waterproof so one can still talk and text between soap and shampoo? I remember once discussing a heavy Board Meeting whilst seated on the throne. The problem arose when I had finished, but the discussion had not, and I was forced to stay in this uncomfortable position for longer than I wished. I still grin when I remember who I was talking to, and what I was doing, and thinking how suitable the location was for the discussion, and how appropriate the situation really was for this particular conversation.

This is one of the reasons that video phones have not become popular. Addicts will have to be dressed to answer the phone, and make sure they are in appropriate places. Imagine telling the wife or girlfriend that one is in an important meeting when in the arms of a girlfriend, at a restaurant or in a public service, whilst on a video phone. Remote viewing psychics would have some fun watching some people answer the mobile, which has today taken over far too many lives. Video phones would be very useful for parents using mobiles to check on their young children and teenagers, and partners too, and I can also see that it would lessen the rudeness of patrons at public functions and public places, especially if callers can view the place and the company of the person they are calling. ” No Darling, I am not at the races or the Casino. I am having a discussion with my Boss at work. Look for yourself….”

The fault lies not with the caller, but with the person answering the phone. The mobile is a very advanced and excellent technological invention that has made faster and more efficient communication possible between individuals, business and social associates; families, and also dating and mating. It is time that individuals who have the mobiles attached to their ears start realizing that maybe the people they are with have importance too, and that real people also have rights. There are times for being on constant call, and there are times when one needs to withdraw from the invasive and powerful force of the phone, and regain some privacy and free time, away from all, with access to a phone and a phone number, and one of them is when at a function or dinner, or simply being out on a private date. If you cannot bear to be away from the phone, stay alone and enjoy the calls, but don’t take your mobile out to a function and expect others to be sympathetic, or even impressed, when it jangles out your rudeness to the unwanted audience also forced to share your rude behavior..

If you need to be on constant call, there is a facility for silence, and if you cannot remember to use this, then you should not have a phone, and you should not attend public events where you can cause embarrassment. The lady who created a disturbance having a popular song blast out in the middle of a formal Classical Concert, then created further disturbance and broke the concentration of the listeners, as she then proceeded to get out of her centrally located seat, whilst scrabbling in her handbag for her phone, then rushing out answering the phone as she went, to continue her conversation outside the now open doorway, needs serious treatment.

One of the worst places for rudeness is public transport. Sometimes commuters require some time to think and unwind, and listening to someone chattering at the top of their voice is a total invasion of the rights of others, as well as noise pollution. Public Transport needs to consider this and bring in a rule that fines noise violators as they shout out their conversations. Seated between many people all shouting in phones is a total pain and also very rude and inconsiderate behavior. It is definitely not a sign of popularity. It’s a sign of insecurity, and business men, mostly salespeople working on the job, should realize that they are bombarding unwilling ears and being a transport pest. If you do need to answer a call, keep it short, and speak normally. The person on the other end of the phone has better hearing capabilities because of the features of the phone, and the call is broadcast to everyone present, cringing uncomfortably, trying to ignore the pain level of the raised voice that public transport commuters insist on using.

The mobile phone may be the best invention known to man, and may have extended and advanced our communication to a very high level, but what remains is a need for some Phone Etiquette and Manners for all those who own or consider owning a Mobile Phone.

Manners and responsible behavior has been sadly cast aside in the invasion and control of people by the mobile. Responsible adults forget their social responsibilities when they let the demands of the strident mobile control their lives. Take time to share time with those who are with you, rather than constantly giving in to the demands of the callers on the phone. Next time I am dating, I shall phone my date, for that way I can be sure of undivided attention, as while they are on the phone, the blasted thing will not ring again…unless he has ‘Call Waiting’…in which case I need 2 or more mobiles and a sense of humour.

I rest my case…I am beaten….The Mobile phone has superseded my worth as a companion. Link this with the Japanese robot that now feel like a person and responds with six basic emotions, and soon there will be no need to leave home. You simply communicate with your mobile, which will now also smile and grimace at you, and feel soft in your hand, and if you get a mobile in the shape of an animal, you can also pat it for comfort.

Take back your life from the Mobile Phone Invasion….and start to value the people you spend time with as much as you value the message on and from the phone. Someday they will be on the other end of the mobile, and so will you.

Marguerite Carstairs ©

Maggi Carstairs

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Mobile Office

ApexWirelessVideos, OfficeMobile Office

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SAP Business One Mobile App for iPhone

In this video we want to give you a short introduction to our iPhone App. With this app you can connect to your SAP Business One 8.8 Business Application.
It’s free of charge and you can find credentials to logon to a demo server in this clip. You can use it productive for your existing professional user licence.
Download it directly here:

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Can we use office network at home on laptop or on mobile for connectivity purpose?

I want to use my office network or the Internet on my laptop or on my mobile phone. Can we sync the connectivity to these things? If yes, how can we do that?

Technically there are different ways to do that, and they basically depend on how the rest of the computers get access to the Internet (through a router, proxy server, user validation, …). You should really talk to the network administrator, as your company may have policies that prohibit the connection of personal devices to the network infrastructure.