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Mobile Home

Mobile Home Tax Deductions

People who choose the cost-efficient mobile home lifestyle can save even more money with specialized tax breaks.

Owners of mobile homes who pay taxes to local government for parking in their cities or states are eligible for a tax deduction. Under IRS rules, a “home” can be a house, condominium, co-op, trailer, mobile home or even a houseboat. In order to qualify as a home, the property should have cooking, sleeping and toilet facilities. Since mobile homes meet all of these conditions, owners may take advantage of the tax deductions notified by the federal government.

Mortgage interest is the largest tax deduction available to mobile home owners. Joint tax holders can deduct the entire interest amount up to a maximum of $1 million in mortgage liability paid on a first and possibly second house.

It is not necessary to calculate the amount you deduct. To claim the deduction, all you need to do is wait for your lender to send Form 1098 at the end of the tax year. On this form you will see how much interest you have paid on the loan, and the points that are due to you. This is your deductible interest for tax purposes.

The acquisition debt is another tax-deductible area. The acquisition debt is equal to the first or second mortgage used to build, buy or improve your home.

A tax deduction is also available on your home equity debt. Basically, this is any loan in excess of what was spent to build, purchase or improve your mobile home. Any points that you paid during refinancing are also tax deductible.

Finally, you are able to deduct any property tax paid to a local or state government where your mobile home is parked. This is one tax benefit that every mobile home owner should take advantage of. If you are paying local taxes, don’t forget to make use of federal benefits.

Living in a mobile home is a great alternative for anyone seeking an affordable lifestyle. Tax deductions for mobile home owners make it an even more cost-effective choice.

Barbara Brown

Mobile Business

Understanding the benefits of mobile marketing

Mobile marketing, also called m-commerce, is a modern way to target customers via their mobile phones. From a database of mobile numbers, you can send people short texts about your product, with the option of replying via a simple mobile short-code to find out more, or even make a purchase.

Mobile marketing has all sorts of benefits over other types of e commerce, for example relying on website traffic. Such as:

1. It is relatively low cost. Even if you use a mobile marketing company and specialised payment options, it still works out cheaper than other advertising options.

2. It benefits from modern technology. PCs and laptops are expensive items, and more and more people are purchasing Smartphones over new laptops. This means potential customers effectively have a PC in their pockets – with instant access from your marketing alerts wherever they go. Even a basic mobile phone can send and receive texts, which is all you need to be in business.

3. Mobile marketing targets the customer. If someone has to Google for your product, anything may happen; they may give up, they may browse and then not buy, they may buy from a competitor who is higher up the Google rankings. But with mobile marketing the seller contacts the customer with a test alert, which 9 out of 10 users will open, out of curiosity. If your product looks interesting, you’re 80% of the way to making a sale.

4. Mobile marketing relies on the moment. M-commerce is ideal for low-priced goods and services, which people generally buy on impulse. What could be more impulsive than a text alert?

We at MPP Global have a full range of mobile marketing solutions to suit every size and type of business.


Mobile Broadband

Will Mobile Broadband Save the Mobile Networks?

The world is currently poised on the brink of recession. Years of unsustainable economic growth is finally taking its toll and a global economic crisis has taken hold. Some industries will be more affected than others. One industry that could be seriously affected is the mobile phone industry.
A research firm called ABI Research has recently released figures to suggest that the mobile phone industry could be in serious trouble. It has found that on a global level, mobile phone sales have fallen by almost five percent against the same time in 2007. This final quarter sales reduction sets against 2008’s full year results which were an increase on the previous year.
It has been felt that the mobile phone industry is one that will suffer through the global credit crunch and the figures from ABI Research will do little to help that. All feeling is that the present year will leave mobile operators struggling with sales of standard mobile phones. Even so, the white knight of mobile broadband looks as though it could seriously assist the mobile phone companies from major problems.
2008 saw companies such as 3 and O2 add many new packages to their mobile broadband tariffs. It is now possible to get speeds of up to 7.2Mbps and monthly download allowances of up to 15GB all this along with promise of free laptops and netbooks. The final quarter also saw Virgin enter the mobile broadband market. This now means that all of the major mobile phone operators have mobile broadband offerings.
The research also hinted at 3G phones will also have strong demand. High profile phones like the Blackberry Storm or iPhone will continue to have high demand in 2009.


Mobile Office

Samsung U800 Mobile Phone Review – Work and Play With the Soul Phone

The Samsung U800 Soul is one of the new generation of Samsung phones and has made waves amongst those mobile aficionados that love to try out the new model on the block. Sleek and sexy, it has been designed to specifically combine work and play into one small but powerful package. With the ability to view documents and take stunning photos, it sounds to good to be true, but is it?

The Samsung U800 Soul is extremely attractive to look at but exudes class, so much so that many individual users have fallen in love with it at first sight. It is an extremely slim bar phone that is easy to hold and just as easy to use. The 2″ TFT screen looks lovely and delivers crisp and clear images regardless of how bad the lighting is. As such, it is a fantastic phone for use regardless of where you are. However, it is the actual casing that sets the Samsung U800 Soul apart from the crowd because it is available in five colours – soul grey, platinum silver, amethyst violet, soul pink and classic black. It comes in a metallic finish that gives it a fashionable air without the colours actually making it look like a toy.

When you look a little further below the surface, you will soon see that the features are pretty comprehensive. It is the 3MP camera that shines. The images it takes are extremely clear, which is highlighted by the fantastic display. The camera is enhanced by a built in LED flash and auto focus so you can ensure that you get the picture that you want. The 3MP camera also has another function that enhances the phone. You can use it to take part in a video call! This leads me on to some of the other nice touches in the Samsung U800 Soul.

The connectivity is a very nice touch. It is a 3G phone, which works well within the functionality and usability of the handset itself. It has bluetooth, USB and WAP amongst others. There is also the seemingly standard FM radio. However, it is the Office document viewer and editor that add the final touch to the Samsung U800 Soul. It is incredibly easy to use and supported by the 1GB of inbuilt memory. The memory can also be supplemented with a MicroSD card so you can make sure that you have enough memory on there to suit all of your wants and needs. This obviously includes the ability to store images too.

However, there are a few elements of the handset that re not so good. For example, the keypad is rather small so those of you with chunky fingers may not be able to manipulate the keys easily when they dial or text. This is the major issue concerning what is in the Samsung U800 Soul. However, there is also something missing and it is a notable absence. There is no music capability within the handset aside from the radio feature. This is an absolute must for many users and so would understandably put you off if you were one of them.

Despite the absence of the music capabilities expected of the average mobile phone today, the Samsung U800 Soul is a genuinely good phone. It will certainly help you to work hard and play hard at the same time!

Carlson Osbourne

Mobile Business

Benefits of Mobile Storage Units

Mobile storage units are a wonderful way to get clutter out of the house without throwing away important belongings. Not only do they help homeowners and others save their belongings, these mobile units make it possible for families to easily pack and transport their items to different homes or businesses. This additional perk can be extremely useful to large families that share certain items at different times of the year. They can also be convenient for individuals that are constantly on the move because of work or personal reasons. In addition to the more traditional reasons for owning mobile storage units there are many benefits that come from owning a mobile storage unit of your own.

Before you decide whether or not mobile storage units are good for you and your business you must first understand what mobile storage units really are. Many people are used to seeing mobile storage units hitched behind cars or trucks. These storage units are often used during cross state moves by families that are only transporting a small amount of belongings. There are many storage companies that have made a practice of delivering these mobile storage units to anyone who needs them and picking the storage units up when called by the customer. It is becoming common to see these mobile storage units on the lawns of houses immediately prior to a move.

Mobile storage units can be used to store seasonal items that are used for decoration at only certain times of year. Most families have decorations for indoors and outdoors that are only used on Halloween, Valentines, or birthdays. During the rest of the year these items are mostly underfoot or taking up valuable storage space that could be used for other things. Until recently most people stored these items at self storage facilities but this can be inconvenient.

Having to constantly pack things up, move them to storage facilities, pick them up, and bring them back home can be hassle and a waste of valuable gas. Using mobile storage units make storing seasonal decorations a breeze. These storage units can be kept on site so that items can be removed from the house and stored in the storage unit immediately. The mobile unit can then be kept on site or moved to another location at your convenience.

Mobile storage units can also be used to store work tools that are only used a few times during the year. Many homeowners and apartment owners have shelves and closets crammed full of tools that are scarcely used. If you want to clean out your closet or organize your garage it might be best to store your tools into a mobile storage unit and have them taken away until you need them delivered to your home again. This can be extremely convenient to families that share tools on a regular basis. Mobile storage units make it possible for tools to be conveniently transported from the home of one family member to another as they are needed. Mobile storage units are perfect for transporting large tools like lawnmowers and other items that cannot usually be transported by car.

Mobile storage units are especially good for small business owners. Businesses that have an excess of certain equipment and inventory are often at a loss of how to dispose of these items. It is usually not in their best interest to throw these items away or even sell them. A company never knows when they might need surplus equipment because of breakdowns or other problems.

Mobile storage units help to alleviate this problem. Small businesses can have companies drop off mobile storage units so that they can quickly store all excess equipment and have it moved off site. Then, if and when the equipment is needed again, it can be delivered quickly and conveniently. Mobile storage units help business owners avoid wasting time transportation car loads of materials to a self storage facility.

Whether you are a business owner or homeowner a mobile storage unit is perfect for quickly and efficiently storing personal and business items. If you have things that you need to store but are not willing or able to transport them to and from a local storage facility then consider using mobile storage units. These storage units are a great alternative to renting moving vans, hiring movers, and to move valuables to self storage. Mobile storage units are even more useful to those individuals who have used self storage in the past and have found themselves constantly running back and forth between home and their storage unit.

Simply Self Storage

Mobile Home

Better to by used mobile home and land with existing utilities or buy new with land but need to get utilities?

An older mobile home already has site work, utility and sewer hook-ups, but may need major updating. A new trailer does not need fixing, but the land needs to be purchased, site work needs to be done and utilities need to be hooked up. Really not interested in leasing the land or the mobile home. Looking to do this the most economical and cheapest way possible, money is very tight, and the mobile homes seem very affordable.

You are better off buying the location with the existing trailer on it , all other things being equal, the cost of providing those services to another site could equal the cost of a good condition newer trailer. You could either replace the trailer at a later time for not a huge amount (Double check the zoning and planning board rules on this) or you could use it as a building site for a moduler or stick built home as well.

Mobile Business

Do you know a cheap service to create a mobile website?

Hello, I noticed that my friends’ website has many visitors coming from mobile devices, and I want to help them with a cheap service that generates mobile websites from existing information. Can you please help, as I checked on google and found several websites, but I’m not sure it’s exactly what I need. Thank you!

Hi. There is a new website that creates mobile (wap) websites, recently launched, that is only 5 euros per month and has many interesting features: unlimited pages and users, hosting for mobile page, import the content from the existing website using RSS, option to publish the mobile site as a subdomain (, banner advertising system, advanced mobile analytics and real time preview of the changes you’re making. There’s a free trial of 15 days, so I believe this is the service you’re looking for! The website is I hope it helped.

Mobile Broadband

What is the best home broadband or mobile broadband offer?


I’m a orange customer for my mobile phone and a sky for internet& TV.

But since i’m moving and won’t have a TV anymore, i’m looking for a new broadband deal.

If possible, i would like a free laptop when I choose the broadband deal (does not matter if it’s home or mobile broadband)

Another parameter, it should be unlimited and quite fast to be able to watch football games live in streaming

Thanksfor your help! 🙂

Try adsl and the speed get 8mp its damn fast no stucks no problems as well. or you can just you’s other peoples internet.
good luck!!!

Mobile Office

why mostly before and after office hour,girls are always busy in mobile up to arrival at room,?

as i think there is no any official matter to make busy after office hour………….what subject girls like most to keep busy,even i have seen just after leaving the office mobile rings and it ends at home.


Mobile Business

For wholesale/ distributorship business of mobile and home appliances what license should i have in India?

hi friends,
finally i have decided to go for wholesale/ distributorship business in the area of mobile phone and home appliances in India. i have a license ( sine group of companies of pvt ltd company. now can i do my business with that license or do i have to get a different license for this particular business? what are the tax that i have to pay to the govt and what all tax related license should i have?
your suggestion would be highly appreciated

than you

In these type of questions real life people are more helpful.