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Mobile Home

Canadian luxurious mobile homes

Winston is in Canada to take a look around in the Pierre St-Cyr Motor Homes. Its summer time and thats when the Americans and Canadians hit the road to cross around the country. And they like to travel in style. A Motor Home is the ideal solution, because this way you can take all your stuff with you on holiday. Winston gets a tour around a Motor Home that costs 469.000 Canadian dollars.

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Mobile Broadband

Mobile Web Sites- Mobile Advertising and Marketing 69% of small business owner surveyed said that they wanted mobile version of their website, which means your competition is aiming to get a mobile version of their website for mobile.

If you have a mobile website, it leaves you street in front of your competitors. If you don’t have a mobile website, your competitors will leave to you standing.

If you’re still in doubt about mobile websites, let me inform you of the criticality of having a mobile optimized website and the number one myth you should dispel.

Truth is, there are seven myths and you can read them all in the free group

Myth 1 – “There’s no need to stress about mobile internet yet”

You may be surprised to hear that out of the 3.9 billion phones used globally, only 505 million of those are Smartphones and iPhones, which is very much surprising considering its popularity. Meaning, Smartphones are just 13% of all phones in use worldwide.

95% of all phones in use worldwide today posseess its own mobile website browser and it would be a mistake to ignore this fact. Meaning they carry browser-based content and services provided to 3.4 billion phones. This statistic is nearly three times the total installed base of PCs in use.

In early 2010, Google’s director of emerging platforms, Google affirmed that a 500% increase in local mobile search was seen on 2008 – 2010. In the 2nd quarter of 2010 alone, they had experienced 67% growth in all mobile search. Affirming the fact that the method used now in accessing local information is via mobile browser.

Truth – Early adopters of websites that work on mobile phones have a huge advantage, especially those small, local businesses

The mobile phone is without doubt the most widespread technology in general.

Not only is it the only universal gadget world has ever seen, but it really has become the latest media channel.

For those with a mobile website you streets ahead of the competition. Whenever you have a mobile Web sites, your competitors shall leave to you standing.

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Mobile Broadband

Mobile broadband

Full connectivity and integration
ST-Ericsson has an ever-expanding portfolio complemented by unmatched integration expertise. We offer everything from slim modems for connected devices and access technology evolution from GSM/ EDGE/WC DMA/TD-SCDMA/HSPA/LTE. We are also leaders in machine-to-machine systems.

Broadband proliferation
We are an industry leader in HSPA, LTE and TD platforms. In 2008 we became the first to unveil an LTE compatible platform, commercially available in 2010. In collaboration with Ericsson, ST-Ericsson has achieved mobility between LTE and HSPA networks, using a multimode LTE/HSPA device.

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Mobile Office

Office Mobile on Windows Phone 7

Guy Gilbert from the Office Mobile team takes us through the Office Hub including SharePoint, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, OneNote and Outlook.

Duration : 0:9:46

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Mobile Business

XCARD Mobile Business Card -by MOZZART

You can’t be everywhere, but your Mobile X-Card can be! A Mozzart X-Card can reach a mass mobile audience. If your customers are on the move when you want their attention, the Mozzart Mobile X-Card is an invaluable tool.

Doesn’t that include everyone? Just about. The fact is most people use their mobile device as a phone book, whether they are tied to a desk or not. And if your target audience is the consumer at-large – the Mozzart Mobile vCard connects your business in a way no other medium can.

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Mobile Home

What all goes into buying a mobile home as far as costs?

My friend and I are considering moving into a mobile home instead of an apartment next year. The initial cost of buying and owning the home will be $5000 and the lot rent will be $268 a month. Beyond paying that initial amount to own the home and our rent+utilities, what other costs might we run into in buying the home? Do mobile homes have mortgage rates if you own the home? I dont know much about this at all and I’m looking for as much help as I can get!

If you are buying the mobile home outright with cash, then naturally, you won’t have a loan payment. If you are needing financing, then a mobile home that is not permanently attached to the land is not considered real property, and as such a mortgage loan would not apply. This would be considered a consumer secured loan, and, as such, the interest rates would be higher.

Mobile Business

is there an app or mobile website for free ringtones on the envy touch?

I have an envy touch but it doesnt accept premium messeging (ringtones from my computer websites)
does anyone know if theres a free app i can download or a mobile website i can use to download directly to my phone?

i use a site called Ventones

you can make ringtones and wallpapers for free

Mobile Broadband

What is the best Satellite or mobile broadband provider?

I travel alot in a motor home and want broadband for my laptop. I have found T-Mobile broadband, but they say I have to connect the computer to my cell phone and I don’t want to have to do that. Is there a good satallite broadband that does not have a big dish and has unlimited usage?

The problem with satellite broadband is that it is broadband only in the Internet to home direction, for the home to Internet direction, you still need a physical connection, usually which in your case would be dial-up. I am not sure why you do not wan to use the T-Mobile broadband through your cell, unless it is cost prohibitive, and I do not remember T-Mobile being that expensive. However, you may encounter roaming charges.

Mobile Office

Witch motor home should I go for if I want to make it in to a mobile office?Website or number to call?

Air stream

Mobile Business

If there was a mobile food business that was like the ice cream man, would you be interested?

We would offer top notch food. Including all of your favorite items: Wings, burgers, steaks, fish, frys, salads, and pie.

There would also be a catering portion of the business that would make gourmet meals outside your home and have them ready by dinner time.

Thank you for your time.