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Mobile Office

More Information on the Move With Sage Saleslogix Mobile V4

What’s even better than Sage SalesLogix managing customer information in your office? Having the same data on the road, accessed with your Blackberry, PDA or Pocket PC, with Sage SalesLogix Mobile v4!

SalesLogix Mobile v4 is full-featured customer relationship management (CRM) software that integrates seamlessly with Sage SalesLogix. It lets you add, view and edit customer contacts on the fly, plus transmit and receive data from the company’s centralized database. You can be better informed when in front of a customer, access up-to-the-minute information from headquarters, and generally use your time out of the office to become more productive – all from a handheld device. Capabilities You’ve Been Waiting For

Here are just a few of the things you can do with SalesLogix Mobile:

· Take notes · Manage accounts · Schedule meetings · Update opportunities · Check ticket information · Complete activities · Input or review customer contacts · Do quick look-ups · Conduct more detailed filtered searches

Fast and Easy

The beauty of having SalesLogix Mobile is that it synchronizes with SalesLogix in the office. One click, and your data is transferred, either via wireless, dial-up or a network connection on a PC. Also, you can receive updates from headquarters automatically. That means that you’re working with real-time data, even when you’re out in the field.

With SalesLogix Mobile, you can schedule and track activities, thanks to a drag-and-drop calendar that’s really easy to use. If you need to access product and pricing data, it’s just a click away. You can even check up on a customer’s tickets and service history, resolving any issues that might arise quickly and on the spot.

Sturdy, Flexible Design

SalesLogix Mobile is built on a robust platform to be deployed on popular Pocket PC and/or Blackberry mobile devices. It can perform one-click dialing, and will recognize handwriting to boost your efficiency. Locate client and lead records instantly by searching using any field, like name, address, phone number, company, or any other category of contact information. If you want to change the look and feel of the interface, customization is simple with visual design tools. Also, the software provides you with access to data stored in customized fields within SalesLogix, such as tables, extensions, pick lists and more.

SalesLogix Mobile v4 is a priceless integration into your SalesLogix system. Many users find that it quickly pays for itself through increased sales and efficiencies. Best of all, it will allow you instant access to all of your customer and opportunity information –wherever you are — transforming any chance meeting into an opportunity to write new business.

Zach S. Hoffman

Mobile Business

Become the Business With a Different Type (absence of Capital and Lots of Profits)

Major mobile companies are now venturing into the business of forming affiliates due to an increase in the size of the market and therefore, resulting in an increase in the revenue due to more mobile being sold through the websites of these affiliates.

This concept is not only being ventured into by mobile companies but also by major shopping websites who primarily are engaged in the process of selling mobile phones. Hence, business of affiliates are also booming as a result of being under the well known brand identities of leading mobile retailers. The various mobile phone white label programs and
plans that are, therefore, offered to the general public and small businesses, are quite an option to start a successful business and earn money.

The companies which form their affiliates provide service like website designing and all other related activities for absolutely free to their affiliates. However, there are some which require a small defrayal to be made from the side of the affiliate in order to provide it the services of website creation and also creation of a domain name. The affiliate entity in this case also has the option to have its own individual logo.

Finance is quite an important part for each and every business and hence, one may wonder as to how is the act of forming affiliates financially beneficial to the company and its affiliates. This can be put in a very simple manner by explaining the process involved in mobile phone white label affiliates. Hence, the total number of mobile phones that are sold generate a certain amount of revenue. This revenue is taken by the company or a retailer (as both of them can be affiliate providers in the sense of the company having the business of selling mobile devices and the retailer having the same business as well) while the affiliate receives a certain amount of the revenue as its commission.

Most of the mobile phone white label affiliate programs which are available provide attractive commission rates and are, therefore, quite lucrative propositions to venture for an individual interested in starting a business or even a small business which wants to increase the profit figure in its balance sheet by making a foray in this field.

The affiliates, therefore, get to have many benefits by using this wonderful new concept. One of the major features is an effective management system being given to these affiliate websites in the form of sales reports which show the total number of products sold per day and hence, the resultant sales revenue (the total money that is generated after adding up the prices of all the products that have been sold) and the volume revenue (the total number of the products that have been sold during the entire day). These figures are also changing automatically with the affiliate, therefore, not having to worry about the routine and also boring updating procedure of listing the sales figures on their reports per day.

This new concept is, therefore, one of the major business boosters of the recent age and the potentials of this concept have been realised with the number of establishments providing mobile phone white label programs, growing as is the number of affiliates all over the business domain in this wonderful planet we know as the Earth.

andrew brandan

Mobile Office

Is it possible to have office mobile on my samsung eternity….?

i was just wondering if it is possible to have office mobile on my samsung eternity. If i cant are there any other programs that are similar to Microsoft Office Word for your phone. THANKS IN ADVANCE!!!

It isn’t a smart phone so it is not capable of running the Office app, but it CAN read .doc, .pdf, .xls. You can read the documents but can’t edit them on the phone.

Mobile Business

How do I write the content for my new mobile computer repair business website?

How do I compose text for the content in such a way as to attract new customers? I have a basic brochure website with a home page, abouts us, services and contact us, tab. I am based in rural Ireland and operate a mobile computer repair business to homes and businesses in a 50 mile radius of where I live. I need to attract alot more customers, and have plenty of competition from established computer repair companys.

Your home page should be some kind of introduction to your website using your keywords in the first sentence include including locality and phone details. You need to impress visitors with your knowledge, skill and experience.
Your about page can have information about your education work experience and a mission statement.
Try to write detail of your services on separate pages using variation on keywords including their synonyms to extend your search reach.
Write articles about computer repair and the cost benefits without it being to commercial.
Set up a profile on Google Places, Freeindex and blogs.
Network directly with business people.

Mobile Office

A truly mobile office: tiny art studio on wheels

Even if you don’t own land, you can own your own workspace, provided it’s got wheels. Stephen Marshall of Little House on the Trailer sells a tiny office- or in this case, a mobile art studio- that can be moved as a wide load for $1000. Original content here:

Duration : 0:2:3

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Mobile Business

How to succeed in the mobile DJ business: (post your question, or comment, & I’ll reply)

Post your questions, or comment, & I’ll reply with my thoughts…You may want to watch this video response in it’s entirety since it’s geard at you.

Duration : 0:10:50

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Mobile Office

Mobile signal at my office is weak, What should I do to improve the signal?

To answer the call i have to walk out of my office, is there any instrument that can improve the signal?.Mobile signal outside my office is good.

It depends On you service provider these days. Verizon Wireless Has a device called the network extender witch hooks up to your internet and can get you full service at your office. Other then a device like this, Cellular carrier do not guaranty service inside buildings.

Mobile Business

What would be a good business name for my mobile document destruction shredding business?

i need help finding a name for my new business. it can be anything that will go with the word shred.. it is a mobile onsite shredding business. i am based in ohio but everything i can think of is taken.

thanks in advance!

You want a name that presents a strong image. How about ReliaShred?

Mobile Office

LG Mobile Phone a Good Range of Mobile Phones


There are different companies manufacturing and selling mobile phones and one reputed company is LG. There are a wide range of cells in different shapes, sizes and colors and also the price range is affordable.

Guidelines for buying LG cell phones

You don’t have to worry while buying a mobile phone. You have options to buy your LG mobile phone on the internet. Many web sites sell LG mobile phones at unbeatable prices. They give you a wide range of options like video camera, Bluetooth, etc. You can even refine your search by certain options like lowest price first, condition, free door delivery, etc. which the web site give you. If you feel that your purchase on the internet is not safe why not buy your phone at a showroom near your locality. All the features are given on the product pack it self. Just ask the attendee at the store to explain to you how the LG mobile phone works and stuff like that. Big showrooms give you a demo and you can see whether the phone works or not. Just look for the company’s hologram or trade mark and rest assured you’re on the right path.

Models of LG mobile phones

The different models of LG mobile phones which are available in the market come in slide, flip touch screen, etc. like PRADA, Chocolate, Bullet and many more with model nos. like, TP-5200, TP-5250, LX-5350, VX4400, VX2000, VX10, VX1, VX3100, and LG3100L, LGC3320, LG KE850, LG KG200, etc.  

Essential Accessories of LG mobile phones

The accessories of cells under the LG brand are Bluetooth, earphones, Chargers, Car chargers, SIM cards, Adaptors, Batteries, Memory card, Mobile cases, etc. In respect of accessories as there some duplicate forms of accessories, it is always advisable to get the genuine accessories of LG mobile phone from a recognized mobile store

Extra features

An extra feature of this LG mobile phone is that it comes with Dual SIM adaptor which allows the user to use two SIM cards in one set. This helps the user to carry a number for personal use while the other could be used as an office number

Dharmendra Chaudhary

Mobile Business

Starting a Mobile Hairdressing Business

Working for yourself. What an amazing dream. But it doesn’t have to remain a dream: millions of people run their own businesses, people just like you. This may surprise you but hairdressers are especially suited to working for themselves.

Your typical hairdresser is confident and outgoing; essential qualities for building up a client base or going to ask your bank manager for a loan, and hairdressers are great at multi-tasking; a bonus when you have to be receptionist, accountant, promoter and sales person all rolled into one!

Hairdressers have fantastic time-management skills (that’s what it’s called when you get through a day with a double column and nobody turns up on time), are hardworking, determined, and creative. All these qualities are the bedrock of entrepreneurs and all you need is the knowledge of how to put them into practise.

So why work for yourself? Isn’t it easier just to go to work and come home without any worry or responsibility? To have the security of regular wages, holiday pay and sick pay?

OF COURSE IT IS! But just because it’s easier, doesn’t mean it’s better. What about freedom, to choose the hours you work and the type of clients you see? What about the potential to have no limits on your earnings and to keep all the profits for yourself?

And what about the satisfaction of knowing that YOU did it? You built your business up from nothing and look at you now!

Consider this: Being self employed isn’t for everyone and there is nothing wrong with valuing the regular and the secure. Some types of job simply don’t lend themselves to working alone – it would be difficult for a policeman or a nurse to be self-employed. But if the idea of setting up your own business lights a fire inside you then you owe it to yourself to give it a go.

Financial Independence

One of the biggest lures for the self-employed is the idea of financial independence. What does this actually mean? There are many degrees of financial independence from having enough money in the bank to never have to work again (from a lottery win, perhaps), to being free of debt and having a regular income.

My personal definition is having enough savings to cover your outgoings for at least six months should you become ill, and having the means to earn in excess of your needs without having to strain yourself by working ridiculously long hours. And to be able to afford and enjoy all those little necessities like long holidays, good living and whatever else floats your boat.

Tobay Dytham Swifft