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Is Airtel Mobile Office internet good or not?

I wanna know is airtel mobile office internet the goodone or not
if YES how much is the speed for surfing and download and if NOT then any solution to increase the speed if no then any other alternative similar to airtel like other services ex:- Vodafone,BPL,Reliance

I m answering your question by using Mobile Office @ good speed.

Mobile Business

What do I need to start a mobile notary business in the state of CA?

I already have my CA notary public commission, but what else do I need to get started? A separate business license? Enlist to one of those online mobile notary websites? Or should I go to a title company and advertise my services? This has been asked a few times in the past, but none of the answers have been to my satisfaction. I am looking for a step-by-step process to get started.

I assume you’re looking to do primarily loan closings/signings.

To start a business, you’ll need to get a business license through your county and a ficticious business statement (if you’ll be using anything other than your name – e.g.: "NorCal Signing Specialists"). I’d suggest you get a TIN (through the IRS) assigned to your business as well.

Then you’ll need experience, experience and experience – if you make even a minor error on a loan package, you could cost someone their loan agreeement and will certainly lose future business from the broker/escrow officer. Most will suggest that you take a loan signing certification couse, either through the NNA or a private school. A good way to fatten up your notary journal is to get a part-time job for a few months at a Mail Box or UPS store.

You’ll also need basic business outreach tools – business cards, personalized invoice forms, etc. You’ll need a good laser printer (for eDocs) and (eventually) a mobile copy machine ($100 at Costco).

Maybe even ask succesful mobile notaries in your area if you can "ride along" with them on signings and then (again, with experience) work under their banner and service their clients for a cut of the fees.

I personally haven’t had too much luck with the online signing companies (too little pay and extreme micro-management). I’d sign up with several – anything to get experience – but understand that they won’t pay the bills.

From there, it’s a matter of business outreach. Talk to escrow/title companies, loan brokers and banks. If they like you, trust your professionalism and have faith that if they assign you a signing, it’ll come back letter perfect. Most will have additional insurance requirements and expect you to have had 100+ loan closures under your belt. The real key is to have solid relationships with several top-producing title/escrow companies that’ll think of you first when a package needs to get signed (they’ve got tons of us to choose from) – that’ll take time to cultivate so start networking ASAP.

Understand that what you’re really asking for is the Rosetta Stone of the business – a pass to the head of the line that we’ve spent a lot of effort working our way through.

Good luck. E-Mail me if you have specific questions.

Mobile Office

How To Set Up a Mobile Office

This video shows you how to set up a Mobile Office.

Our steering wheel desks were designed by a custom builder to utlize his time waiting between appointments on new home job sites. Our steering wheel desk literally turns a parked vehicle into a mobile office.

Duration : 0:0:44

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Mobile Business

.iQ Mobile Business for ProView

.iQ Mobile Business for ProView

Duration : 0:2:19

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Mobile Office

Hosted Sharepoint Services : Sharepoint Sync With Windows Mobile Phones, Your Office On The Move

SharePoint hosting with WSS 3.0 uses the innovative technology and provides system architecture and feature set and support mobile access and sync to the SharePoint data list. Mobile devices can access a site through an URL that makes a simple addition of an “m” folder to the general URL. So the URL takes the following form: http(s)://Server/ [sites/][Site/]m/. Mobile users are redirected to mobile home page. From there, the users are capable of navigating to a view page through which they can read or write to a SharePoint list. This however is possible as long as the list has a mobile view. A mobile view is nothing but a standard SharePoint view which is marked for additional use as mobile list view.

This synchronization of SharePoint site hosting with the mobile phones using the windows operating system does to however provide the same controls as in the case of server controls. The set of controls by mobiles synced with the SharePoint are inherited from ASP.NET 2.0 controls from Microsoft.

The Windows SharePoint Services mobile make use of templates which render a mechanism that which is almost similar to the pages displayed in the browsers used by the users. You can access these SharePoint features from your Windows mobile and carry the project with you. This goes up to the ultimate level of work culture and helps the organizations to get the efficiency of their employees. SharePoint 3.0 hosting gives you the liberty to work from home or the place of your choice.

It is true that the technology will continue to grow and hence the innovations will also grow to make our life simpler and easier in the complex days to come. The SharePoint is just one of these which provide customized solutions to the users in any organizational set sup no matter what the size is… Things become streamlined and simple.


For more details please log on to: Hosted SharePoint

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Adrian Gates

Mobile Business

Business Mobile Phone

In a world where technology is growing by leaps and bounds communication is the most essential as time is crucial.  That is why technology offers the business mobile phone for your communication needs and necessities.  The mobile market and companies understand the sensitivity of business and offers you enhanced business mobile phones to help you with your communication needs.  

Why use a Business Mobile Phone?

When you are the busy bee in business then you most likely will need a business mobile phone for the following:

The incoming and outgoing calls that can be kept on hold – therefore the business mobile phone can have about two to three lines functioning in the similar fashion as an office phone does.
There is GSM roaming facility where you can reach and be reached wherever you are on the same number by the necessary people.  The GSM modem keeps you in touch even while traveling so there is not a minute you lose for important and sensitive business issues.
Your business mobile phone is equipped with video coverage and conferencing, so that you can speak to those who matter most in your business.
The business mobile phone has internet facilities to help you stay connected to emails throughout the day.
The business mobile phone has its own tiny keyboard and works as your mini computer sending messages, preparing files and sending them via the email facility. Your spot ideas can be quickly recorded or typed into your business mobile phone because of the extra memory and the storage facility.
The business mobile phone has USB ports for ready attachment.
The business mobile phone has wireless internet connection which is convenient at the airport.
Your business mobile phone may be high in tariff rates due to the roaming services.
There are many deals for the business mobile phone that you can avail of from the respective mobile phone dealers and companies.

Dharmendra Chaudhary

Mobile Office

How can I speed up internet connection through airtel mobile office ?

I am using both data cable and bluetooth. In either case, i get only an average speed of 5kbps. Is there any option to speed up the connection since it is useless for a normal browsing.

Dip your phone in peanut butter.

Mobile Business

How to start up a successful mobile catering business?

How to start up a successful mobile catering business? What licences do I need and how long does it take to sort out everything?,many thanks!

If you want to setup this business on small scale with a few regular customers then you don’t need any licenses and legal documents. All this needs to be done when you grows so rapidly with huge profit margins from your turn over. At this point in time, you comes under income tax laws and this needs a proper documentation, licence requirement, balance sheet maintenance and audit etc.

Now what potential this business have and why set up this business, you can follow this link
for reference.

Mobile Office

Microsoft Windows Phone 7 OneNote and Mobile Office

Guy Gilbert with Microsoft’s Office team gives us a tip on how to use OneNote on a Windows Phone 7 device to create a shopping list you’re sure not to forget.

Duration : 0:1:48

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Mobile Business

How To Grow Your Business With Mobile Marketing

This Video is about How To Grow Your Business Now With Mobile Marketing

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For Free Mobile Marketing Training Videos

The Future Is Here Today, Don’t Miss It!

Duration : 0:2:24

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