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Mobile Office

Does anyone know a calendar program that synchs with Mobile Office and Palm at the same time, besides Outlook?

I am installing a "family origanizer" workstation in my house, where my wife and I can place out PDAs (one Mobile Office and one Palm) and generate one complete schedule/calendar for all of our activities and stuff. Does anyone have any ideas? I would like to avoid buying MS Office JUST for Outlook.

You know, you CAN buy Outlook by itself at almost any office supply store in the USA.

Also my wife’s version of Microsoft works will synch with both PDA types.

PLUS Yahoo’s Calendar will also synch with both.

Mobile Business

what mobile business ideas is there for a brand new Van?

iam thinking about buying a brand new van and i wanto make a Mobile Business out of it, iam thinking about buying a low roof Hyundai iload vans and wanto know of some business ideas i could use it for, i know the obvious ones like (cleaning services – window tinting – mechanic – mobile car wash – iam after a service business type of thing any suggestions ?

messenger to the stars, accountancy corps, studios, radio and T V stations and general take this here and get that there kind of pick up and delivery….. a service to remember

Mobile Office

Sybase iAnywhere Mobile Office Video

Mobile executives can rely on their mobile inbox for more than just email they can take action on time-sensitive business processes as easily as they reply to a message. By simply clicking on an item in their inboxes, traveling team members can complete business processes. This video demonstrates how to mobilize business processes.
Hello. My name is Bryan Whitmarsh, and I am a product manager for Sybase iAnywhere. Today, what I would like to demonstrate for you is how easy it is to keep your business processes flowing when workers are on the road or out in the field. This technology is brought to you by Sybases inbox of the future. Let me demonstrate.
Now, I’m in the field and I’ve been performing a routine service on an elevator and I’ve noticed that the motor actually needs to be rebuilt. Now I have all the equipment in my truck. I can simply go out, repair the motor on site right now, but I always have to get approval for the work and a bid from my manager. Typically, I have to go back, fill out some paperwork, manager has to come in, sign the bid and then I go back out to the customer. If they approve it, I can perform the work. But today, I’m going to create a work order bid on my mobile device and that will be sent directly to my manager for instant approval. Let’s do that. Alright. So, I simply go into my mobile inbox, going into the widgets, and I have a bid request. This is a form that I will fill out. I know the work I’m doing is on the motor. I am going to leave the bid date as today because I’m pretty sure I can achieve all that work today. And, a little description here, this is a rebuild, and I’m pretty sure I can achieve this work for around six hundred dollars for both labor and parts. I have done this a number of times before. Now, I send this bid request and it will deliver an e-mail directly to my managers device. He can then read that e-mail and be able to approve or modify the bid.
Well now, as the manager, I’m just getting ready to get on an airplane for a business trip and I notice that my device has vibrated. Let me check whats going on. Looks like I have a new e-mail in my inbox. Oh, its not just an e-mail. It’s actually a bid request for some work thats being done right now. Brian, my service technician out in the field, is actually working on an elevator and has noticed that there’s some additional work that needs to be done. He has now sent me a request to approve some additional fees for some additional service that wasn’t expected in the first place.
Now you see in my inbox that I have an e-mail at the top its a special e-mail with a special icon – that shows it came from our bid order approval system and it’s requesting for me to approve a bid by Bryan. Alright, so now I can see the details. This order came from our work order system and I received the e-mail so it looks like Bryan needs to perform some additional work out there. He needs to rebuild the elevator motor and his estimated cost is six hundred dollars on that. So, yeah, that all looks good. Looks like he is going to be able to get the work done today. So, Im going to click on approve and now that will go back to our work order system and another e-mail will be triggered back to Bryan to let him know that I did approve that and he can start on that work, as he is on site right now.
Well, that was quick. I just got a new e-mail in my inbox and, sure enough, it’s the approval for the work order that I asked my manager to approve. It’s been approved and now I can perform the work. So, let me go out to my truck, get my equipment and I can get the work done right now.
Let’s focus on the benefit here. There’s great value added, not only to the customer, but also to the service provider. The customer isn’t getting hit with an additional service charge because they can achieve additional work with one service call. While the in-service provider can get additional work done throughout the day because, instead of two calls, this has become one call. The benefits of this can be achieved by a wide variety of business processes in any industry.
In summary, you have seen great value added to both the customer and the service provider. All this is possible using iAnywhere Mobile Office and its revolutionary inbox of the future.
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Mobile Business

Vmobile Presentation (part 1)

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Trucking Accidents: Federal Trucking Laws

Trucking accident cases are much more complicated than regular auto accident cases. There are many reasons for this, and a big one is the very complex set of federal laws which govern the trucking industry and which your attorney must thoroughly understand. Failure to comply with these laws is often at the heart of fault and responsibility in truck accidents.

All of these regulations carry with them strict rules for record keeping to prove compliance. Theoretically, this should make it easy to determine when laws were broken or mistakes were made. However, the massive amounts of paperwork can be difficult to navigate, and many trucking companies falsify documents or use elusive practices to obscure violations. It takes a very skilled trucking accident attorney to use these records properly. Your attorney must know which documents to request and how to read and interpret them to find any discrepancies which will reveal violations.

Time On the Road

Hours of service regulations (HOS) are the rules which govern how long a driver may spend on the road in one stretch, and how often he must rest. They are detailed and complicated outlining consecutive hours, total hours in a day, total hours in a month, and so on. HOS are a very controversial aspect of federal trucking regulations, and opponents believe that they actually contribute to, rather than reducing, fatigue.

Fatigue is a contributing factor in most trucking accidents. Fatigue and HOS violations are very often the result of unrealistic schedules imposed on drivers by trucking companies.

Truck drivers can lose their CDL (commercial driver’s license) for HOS violations, meaning that they lose their livelihood, so they are motivated to obey the law. But, refusing to comply with unrealistic schedules can also mean losing their job or being passed over for loads and, therefore, losing a paycheck. Competition is stiff in the trucking industry.

Truck drivers are required to keep log books which include records of their driving times and receipts for fuel purchases. Some drivers falsify entries, and some trucking companies instruct their drivers to falsify entries in order to make quicker deliveries.

At first glance, a log book may show that everything is on the up and up – that the driver was in compliance with HOS. On closer inspection however, discrepancies in receipt times and locations may not match up with driving time records, indicating that the driver did not comply with HOS or was speeding.

If it can be proven that the trucking company imposed an unrealistic schedule on the driver and/or encouraged the driver to falsify log book entries, the trucking company can be held responsible.

Furthermore, trucking companies have a duty to maintain their trucks and keep them in safe operating condition. Truck drivers play an important role in this process; they must inspect their trucks daily. Ultimately, however, the trucking company bears the burden and cannot require or allow a driver to operate an unsafe truck.

Hazardous Materials

The transportation of hazardous materials is very strictly regulated. A driver must have special training and hold a special class of license in order to transport them, and there are very specific rules and regulations regarding where they may be parked, what routes they can take and how they must be secured.

An accident involving hazardous materials can mean evacuations, injuries to large numbers of people, and serious property damage.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a trucking accident in Maryland, Virginia or Washington DC, please contact Chaikin, Sherman, Cammarata & Siegel, P.C. to speak with an experienced truck accident attorney.

Patricia Woloch


Gardening Tips – Buying the Right Tools for the Job

If you are an amateur hobbyist or just starting off on gardening, consider buying a garden tool set. They tend to be cheap but of lower quality. The advantage is that you will have almost the full range of garden tools needed to start a garden. Once you have gained more experience working on your garden, you can better assess your tool requirement and preference. There may be problems, which you can foresee the tools required until you actually work on the affected areas. Also, every gardener will have a collection of tools in which some tools are constantly used, while other tools neglected and forgotten. You can spend more money on better quality tools once you have a grip on your garden and your gardening requirement.

Maintenance of Garden Tools

When you are buying new gardening tools, you are likely to be faced with a choice between low price and low quality or higher priced and better quality tools. Good quality garden tools are designed to last, but they must be also be properly maintained. If you opt for cheap garden tools, maintaining them is less of an issue. When they break or wear out, you simply throw them away and buy a replacement.

A basic maintenance regiment for garden tools involves cleaning and oiling. Always remove all traces of soil and plants remain from your garden tools after usage. If necessary, dismantle your tool to get at the dirt. Hose down with water to remove mud and scrape off any stubborn dirt with a brush or a screwdriver. Cleanse and rinse thoroughly any tools, which have been used for application of chemicals such as fertilizer. Fertilizer is corrosive to metal. After cleaning, do not store away tools when they are wet. Allow them to air dry completely to prevent rust and wood rot. At least once a year, rub linseed oil into the wooden part of your tools to make them last longer. Before storing, wipe the metal parts of your tools with an oily rag after each use. Or use a spray to apply the oil and wipe with a clean cloth.

If you use your tools often, you can make a convenient shovel cleaner cum oiler by filling a small bucket with sand and a quantity of new engine oil. Push your metal tool into the oily sand several times to clean and oil at the same time. This neat DIY clean/oiler can also be used as a shovel stand.

You may be tempted to buy stainless steel tools, as they are more rust resistant. However, you should know that they are less robust than traditional steel garden tools. For certain functions such as garden fork and rakes, they are not a good buy unless the price is cheap. Be warn though, you may end up buying a replacement more often than you think.

Cindy Heller

Tie Downs

Why Proper Camper Tie Downs Are Essential If You Have A Camper That Attaches To Your Truck


If you have a camper that attaches to your truck it is essential that you use camper tie downs to keep your camper secure. Camper tie downs are an inexpensive way that you can protect your camper from sliding or grinding against your truck while you are traveling. The number one advantage to these tie downs is basically that they limit how far your camper is going to slide or move before it is caught. This will offer you the security you need to drive without worrying about what is happening to your camper. So buy some tie downs and stop thinking of the camper falling off during your next road trip.

One of the major brand names in camper tie downs is the Torklift camper tie down. This system offers four points for the tie down to work from. There is no belly and there is no crossbar, so these tie downs can really offer one of the tightest grips possible. You don’t have to worry about the make or model of your vehicle when you go buy these tie downs because they are universal and will fit almost all trucks and campers.

Some of the other brands that produce camper tie downs include: Hijacker, Happijac, and Putco Push Up Tie Downs. These companies all pride themselves on offering the highest quality tie-downs that are currently available.

Some of the tie downs will offer a better aesthetic appearance, like having chrome on the anchors or a cool design on the belly. But in the end most of the tie downs are going to work just about the same, no matter how much you pay for them. So you might as well choose your tie down based on what extra features are best for your truck and your style.

If you own a camper it is extremely important that you get a set of tie downs to help secure your camper to your truck. Even campers that come equipped with basic ties could use some extra help in securing your extremely heavy camper to your truck.

If you are looking for a great deal on camper accessories the Internet is a good place to start your search. You can find out all the information you need to know before you buy, plus you will be able to easily compare different products to see which ones will work best for you. Just remember that cheaper is not always better, so take your time in comparing all the different camper tie downs that are available. After you have narrowed your search then you might even consider stopping into your local parts store and seeing what they recommend as the best available model.

Gregg Hall


NHTSA: Auto Safety Starts At Home

How a person acts in the society is basically the attitude that he has been taught at home.

This has been one of the major theories and beliefs that people have. This is mainly because it has been said that the home is the breeding ground for attitudes and beliefs. If your child grows up to be an extrovert, then it is because being an extrovert is a characteristic that has been taught to the child at home. Whatever a child sees in an adult especially sees in his parents, he copies and imitates it for that is what he thinks is right.

The same goes true for auto safety. And this is according to the new National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) chief, Nicole Nason. Nason is a mother to two young girls. And she firmly asserts that if you want your child to know auto safety, it is important that he or she sees it in you as the parent. She even states, “This is a family issue and vehicle safety needs to be the priority.”

Nason is up to promoting such a campaign towards widening information on auto safety. This new NHTSA chief has been serving the organization for years as an aide to Transportation Secretary Norman Mineta. Now, she is still serving the NHTSA as its administrator which she started back last May.

Auto safety is indeed a very important aspect that parents should not forget to teach their children. After all, the statistics simply are bothering. Annually in the United States, there are around 43,000 people killed in crashes, accidents, and collisions, and along with that some 2.7 million people also receive injuries. Nason also believes that if auto safety is practiced by parents, children are much more likely to learn the trait. And if parents do get to follow rules and prioritize safety, there would be much lesser children dying or getting injured because of crashes.

Keeping the car running in good condition is also an important aspect in auto safety. Your car must be maintained well and if there is a need to replace parts, you can turn to Toyota Parts Online for quality parts including Toyota alternators, headlights and many other Toyota accessories.

Mark Clarkson


Shopping With Teenagers

As children grow up and become more independent there is little need for them to go everywhere with their parents anymore. However many parents still want their teenage children present whilst on shopping trips if not for the purchasing of goods but simply just for the company and involvement in their teenagers life.

Shopping with your teenage children is a great opportunity to talk to them about aspects of their life and to generally keep up-to-date with what is going on in their life. By planning a shopping trip it is a great opportunity to spend time together and enjoy each others company.

When you do plan a shopping trip with your teenager it is important that you set boundaries spending wise. If you don’t have a large shopping budget then avoid ‘power shopping’ there is nothing worse than spending all day shopping only to come home empty handed. You should set a budget of the amount of money that you are intending on spending on certain items whilst shopping then if your teenager wants something that is out of your budget it will be up to them to pay the difference in order to get it.

Once your budget has been set and your teenage child knows what this budget is it is important that you don’t back down. It the item costs too much then stand your ground and refuse to pay the full amount. You are the one who is earning the money so it is you who will have the final say as to whether a purchase is carried out. This is not only good for your bank account; it is also good for your teenager as they will learn to appreciate the value of money and drive home the fact that in order to be able to afford luxuries that you need to earn your money. Although this may cause a few frowns at the time your teenager will be more grateful for the products that they do receive and will make them want to earn enough money to be able to afford such things. Your teenager will grow a respect for the fact that you work to earn the money that pays for their things and they will earn a respect for money so that their spending habits will be controlled.

If you are out shopping for most of the day it is a good idea to stop for some lunch, which will make you both feel refreshed and allow you more of a chance to talk about things and spend quality time together.

One thing that you don’t want to be present on your shopping trip is a bad mood. Teenagers are constantly going through various mood swings so avoiding experiencing one whilst out shopping is the best solution for everyone’s sake. In order to conquer these mood swings you should be willing to come to a compromise that leaves you sticking to your rules and budget but leaves your teenage child satisfied. You should also try and avoid border line purchases. Before you go ahead and make a purchase you should ensure that what you are buying is what your teenager actually wants as “I’ve changed my mind” on the drive home will not be pleasant for anyone.

Enjoy the time that you can with your children whilst they are teenagers, it will bring you closer together, making these years easier on everyone.



Ideas for Using Webkinz Pets for Learning in School

You’ve contemplated how excited children are about these Webkinz pets. You’ve pondered how that could impact your classroom. Yet, you still aren’t sure how to go about using this toy in school.

In the following paragraphs I am going to give you specific ideas for using this toy for learning purposes.

First, the world of Webkinz has an extensive economy based on Kinzcash. You must earn cash to support your pets. So, just maintaining a log of Kinzcash earned and spent is a learning tool for children. Earning Kinzcash happens by engaging in the games and visiting the employment office.

There are two main types of games in the arcade section. One type is just arcade type games, and the others have educational value. Some with educational value include “Quizzy’s Word Challenge,” “Booger Gets an A” (addition math facts), “Home Before Dark” (visual geometry skills), “Get Eleven Solitaire” and many more. With recording sheets students could keep track of their progress.

Food is an important aspect of caring for your pets. Within the land of Webkinz you can even grow your own food in your garden. You must tend your plants, water them, weed them, and then harvest. If you don’t take good care of them you’ll have to dig up the garden and start again. Monitoring plants is another way that the world of Webkinz is educational.

Needs and wants are inevitable in caring for your pets. There are so many neat items that you can purchase for your pets but you will have to determine the need and if you can afford the item. By setting goals and saving, you can earn enough Kinzcash to purchase the special items. Children can practice this with their Webkinz pet, and then hopefully apply this to their own lives.

Another educational tie for using Webkinz pets in the classroom revolves around the study of animals. There are all types of animal pets now, including herbivores, omnivores, and carnivores. What a fun way to sort and study animals!

If we look for a moment beyond the virtual world of Webkinz we can tie these pets into writing instruction with activities such as “Make me Love Your Pet…write a descriptive paragraph about your favorite webkinz pet” or “Webkinz Theater…write and perform a play with your pets” or nonfiction animal reports.

Many of these activities are perfect during Literacy Work Station time when students are engaged in an array of various activities. I would encourage you to have each student keep a folder just for Webkinz activities.

Most children have their own Webkinz pets and would be able to participate in these activities on their own logins and accounts. For those children that don’t, a class pet or two would allow all students to participate and enjoy the experience.

Whereas most people would think that the Webkinz pets and activities are geared for younger children, that isn’t the case. Due to the large number of adults who are addicted to playing Webkinz, I believe that there are activities that people of all ages can benefit and learn from inside the land of Webkinz!

Kathy Cothran