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Flatbed Tie Down 101: why choose the winch straps and winch bars

So far truck winches and winch straps are only being used with flatbeds, I don’t know the exact percentage but a big portion of flatbeds sold with winches installed, this is a big plus for most drivers since they only need to get winch straps and winch bars(assume they don’t have them) to get started, and the plastic corner protectors maybe required or optional depends on what kind of loads on the truck. A few different kinds of truck winches are available, most seen ones are slide in winches and weld on winches, to use slide in winches the flatbeds have to have rails installed at one side of the truck bed, 2” and 4” are most popular sizes of truck winches, and of course we can say that 2” & 4” winch straps are the most popular ones, 3” winch straps are not that popular but you still can see them from time to time.

The way the truck winch and strap system works is pretty simple, the mandrel, the part into which you can insert the tie down strap, can be used to tighten the winch straps easily, thus tie the loads down pretty much by just put winch bar into the winch side hole then turn as many rounds as needed until the loads are secured properly. The winch structure is pretty simple, there is a barrel goes through the winch body, one side has a though hole and the other side has a gear with a brake, in between lies the mandrel, just put the straps into it, close the brake on the gear will allow you the tighten the straps over the load, since the gear is only allowed to go one direction, when you untie the strap, open the brake, turn the barrel the opposite direction to pull the  strap off the load. You are required to use a winch bar with the truck winch, you can use something like a wood stick or wood beam with, it’s not safe and not legal as well.

There usually are 2 kind of standard winch bars, chromated one and black one, and two different combination winch bars, chromated and painted half yellow, you can find them online or locally. Sometimes people get confused with all the different winch bars, they are only used with truck winches after all, why all the different styles? It all comes down to personal preferences and specific needs, for instance, with combination winch bar you can use something else with it, say using a standard winch bar with a combination winch bar under some special circumstances.

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Pets Shopping

Affordable Yet High Quality Leashes and Collars for Your Dog

Make no mistake, I will never buy those low price low quality stuff for my dog, which is my family member. Cheap price doesn’t equal to bad product , if you spend money, even a little , on shady products you’re just wasting your hard earned cash . What the affordable says here is that you don’t have to spend an arm and leg to get the high quality leashes and collars, better yet, you probably can pay much less get much more, let’s look at this 5/8”x60” nylon reflective dog leash, which is sturdy and designed to take on medium to big dogs,a set of 6 with different colors only sells for $9.99, you get black, blue, orange, pink and blue, with less than $1.50 a piece I would say it’s well worth the money and you get much more with a few dollars!

Here is another example of nice product, it’s a 1”x60” reflective dog leash, which has a nice handle with trash bag and travel bowl stored in it, the color is red, blue, black,dark green and orange, with features like big handle, trash bag and travel bowl storage and reflective leash, you only have to pay $7.00 with free shipping!  The look and feel of this product is great, and the little known secret is that you will get an extra travel bowl when you order online. And there are 5 different colors available for you to choose, including black, blue, dark green, red and orange. With the easy to carry trash bag and travel bowl, this leash is ideal for you to walk your dog in the park or play in the wild.

Going outdoor without tie out stake and cable will be a mistake, you will have to watch your dog all the time! Play with your dogs at park Obviously you have to make sure it’s safe for the dog and the people around you, you need to tie the dog down with tie out cable and stake, together the tie out cable and stake its a mobile tie down post. Made from high quality aircraft cable and coated with vinyl, the tie out cable is strong enough and safe for your dogs, and is better than straps. The tie out stakes have quite some varieties, such as 9mmx18′, 9mmx17”, 8 mmx16” and 8mmx18”, and the tie out cable is 5mm in diameter and commonly has a few different lengths: 10′, 15′, 20′ and 30′, you can choose from all available sizes according to your needs.

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