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Tie Downs

Heavy duty tie down chains and load binders

Grade 70 chain and chain binder are heavy duty tie down devices , both chains and binders are made of carbon steel, the WLL of the chains and binders are higher than most comparable tie down straps , say we compare grade 70 size 5/16” binder chain(which has 4700lbs WLL) to WLL 3333lbs 2” ratchet tie down straps ,  3/8” chain(WLL 6600lbs) to 4” tie downs(5400lbs) , you can see  that the chains are much stronger, and the load binders are even stronger than same size chains, 5/16”-3/8” load binder(lever or ratchet type) has WLL of 5400lbs and 3/8”-1/2” binder has WLL 9200lbs . If we examine the design factor of chains and tie down straps, we will see that chains and binders have 4:1 design factor while tie down straps have design factor 3:1, that’s another reason we consider chains and binders are heavy duty tie downs .

The material recommended by National Association of Chain Manufacturer to make grade 70 chains is carbon steel, the criteria for base steel is Carbon 0.35% max; Phosphorous 0.040% max and Sulfur 0.050% max. As long as the choice made by chain manufacturers meets the recommended criteria and the final products meet or exceeds DOT requirements(or CHP, California Highway Patrol, or some other mandated requirements), we can use these products for transportation purpose and don’t have to worry about inspections.

We use these heavy duty chains and binders to haul heavy equipment, for instance, backhoe, bulldozer, forklift, these big rigs are tough or straps, we have to use steel chains to tie them down , when we talk about backhoe, forklift, we need at least 3/8” grade 70 chains and binders to secure them, for something which has less weight we consider 5/16” chains are good fit, of course we still have 1/2” and up chains and binders, these chains will most likely be used to tie down something out of ordinary, such as battle tanks, or some other applications require super heavy duty chains.

Grade 70 tie down chain, also called transport chain, can be used on anything but overhead lifting, you need at least grade 80 alloy chains for overhead lifting. We see people use transport chains to drag the trees, tow the docks, and to tie down the logs out of the the trees, you can go around to find more creative uses of these chains and binders.

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Tie Downs

What We Use to Tie Down Truck Loads

Truck tie down means a lot different stuff to different applications , we will focus on big rig tie downs in this article, specifically, we are going to talk about flat bed truck this time.

Since people put all kinds of stuff on the flat bed truck, sometimes they just have to , the needs for tie downs become complicated.

Now let’s talk about winch straps and truck winches, lots of flat beds have winches installed, you only need to get winch strap for your rig.

For most flat bed trucks, truck winch and winch straps are what we need, some trailers come with winches installed you have to get winch straps .

Some trailers come with winches installed, not all flat beds have winches installed . When the flat bed have the winches installed, we can use winch tie down straps to tie down articles on the flat bed , usually we tie down steel coils, concrete pipes, skids, anything that not too heavy for the the straps’ safe load limit . Winch straps usually come with flat hooks, because we usually hook the straps on the edge of the flat bed , of course the wire hook can be used too. There are 2” and 4” truck winches and 2” and 4” winch straps , depends on different applications , the strap length can be 20′, 25′, 27′, 30′, 35′, 40′ or more than 50′ .

Of  course we just can’t leave the most used tie down device, ratchet straps, out .

Ratchet Tie Down is most popular tie down straps because of their capability , you can put them almost anywhere when it’s applicable. The ending comes with quite some varieties, flat hooks, double J hooks , chain anchor , snap hooks, endless and more. And it’s width can be 1” to 4”, length can be a few feet to more than 50′ . On 18 wheelers ratchet tie downs are the most popular tie down devices for truckers , those trailers without winches installed will look at ratchet straps seriously .

To get these tie down straps, you have the choice between local stores and online retailers , depends on different situation , sometimes purchase them locally is a better choice , sometimes online deals are much better .

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Tie Downs

A Close Look of Ratchet Straps

Ratchet straps are assemblies of ratchet buckles with all kinds of straps with or without hooks, endless or not. The straps part of the assemblies can be made of nylon or polyester webbing, the safe load limit can be less than 100lbs to more than 1000lbs, the strap width can range from 1 inch to 4 inches, usually we can see hooks, loops or chain extension at both ends of the assembly.

The handle of the ratchet buckle have a few varieties, steel handle, aluminum handle or plastic coated handle.

Both nylon and polyester webbing are used to make the straps, but they have different characteristics, for shock absorption, we need nylon webbing and for tie down bulk loads we need polyester webbing straps, nylon webbing has better elongation than polyester while polyester webbing are stronger than nylon ones, in real world applications we need varieties, that is to say we need both nylon and polyester webbing  straps for different needs.

Webbing cab also be coated with suitable materials that will impact desirable characteristics, such as abrasion resistance, sealing to prevent penetration of foreign particles and matter, increased(or decreased) coefficient of friction, ultra-violet light resistance.

Of course the quality of the straps is the most important characteristic, to properly and safely use the ratchet straps is a must. Now how to find these straps with quality and low price? Your local store will probably have most straps you need, but the price to quality ratio probably will be pretty high, but this is not always true. Online tie down stores actually is a better choice if not  most of the time, you can search all around the country even the world to find the deal just for you, when you search “ratchet straps free shipping” you will find the best deal ever for your money.

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